How to Gain your Dog Faith and Interest: Some Tips

As humans have their own way of socialization, dogs also have their own way of dealing with that. We can’t think that dogs will behave like us as it is completely impossible. So you should know that dog socialization is different from human socialization. When you bring a new dog into your home, you can’t expect that dog will have a great interest and faith in you. You are new to him and it will take some time for him to trust you. But there are some ways which will help you to gain your dog faith and interest. Look out at these tips.

How to Gain your Dog Faith and Interest:

Stay Calm:

Whether you are trying to gain the trust of your own dog or maybe you are casually meeting a neighbor’s dog, remember you will have to stay calm always. In other words, you will have to avoid all kind of temptation when you are meeting them for the first time. Actually, if you meet a dog for the first time being excited, it may result in the dog getting excited. That will lead to an unwanted situation. So stay away from things which can trigger the fighting instinct of a dog. Speak softly and show calm behavior.

Respect Dogs:

One of the most basic lessons which we learn from our childhood is that if we respect others, we will be respected by others. So to get respect, we should respect others. The same rule applies in the case of dogs. When you are meeting a dog for the first time, try to respect him. That means you will have to respect their own space. Like, if you start talking or touching them continuously, they will feel irritated from you as you are entering their own space. Try to avoid staying too close to the dog and ignore the animal until you get proper permission to approach from their side.

Getting on their Level:

Now here are very important tips that you should obviously follow when approaching a dog. Maybe you approach a dog from the front side but remember that’s completely unscientific. Always try to approach dogs from the side and not from the front when you are approaching them for the first time. Try to kneel down next to the dog and face the same side of the dog. Still, don’t make an eye contact and hold the hands.

Wait for them:

You should always wait for them to come to you. Then only you can be sure if he is interested in you or not. If the dog is coming on their own to you, then you can be sure that they will not do any harm and they are trying to make a bond with you. Now if you see that the dog is sniffing your hand, you can pet him. Don’t touch a dog from above you should be on the same level. If the dog is licking your hand after touch, that means he has liked you and if he turns back away from you, you have failed and you will have try again. Don’t take it personally as it takes time and there is nothing to get stressed.

Go for a Walk:

When you are adopting a dog, at the first meet after doing all these things, try to take them for a walk. From a safe walk, a dog gets to learn that you are giving him proper security, protection, and direction. So be calm and take him for a walk and that will make him understand that he is safe with you.

Maybe you were confused about how to gain your dog’s faith and interest but now it will become much easier for you. No need to get confused in front of your dog and try to make them your close one. Have some patience and you will get the result within a very short time. It’s something every dog owner waits for, so you are also not an exception. It varies on every dog how much time it will take to trust you. So don’t think that you are only facing all the problems with your dog. Have confidence in yourself and you will get a good result.