40 Pictures of Dogs doing Their Duties honestly Without Their Owners

Dogs are the most loyal pets one can ever think of. And it is not that they only do duties when they are with their owners or masters. They are the most faithful and obedient animals, even without their owners. This article will take you through some most amazing pictures of dogs doing their duties honestly without their owners. Dogs are of various breeds and every breed is equally loyal to its master and that’s why they do their honest duties even when their owners are not with them.

Pictures of Dogs doing Their Duties honestly Without Their Owners:

The best guard dogs like Akita, Rottweiler and so on will honestly guard the main door of their house when their owners are not at home. Many dogs have a natural guarding instinct and just like cats love to steal anything and everything when their owners are not near, dogs love to protect their families and properties. Some of the dogs are silent guarders whereas some will bark so loudly that it is enough to freak the hell out of a person. Not even kidding. Many dogs have been in news for their amazing and sensible guarding instinct. Not only the home dogs, even the stray dogs have been found guarding and protecting their locality. To be very honest, they do not even have any official owner; still, they protect the locality so well and always alert the local people whenever they find something suspicious.

Remember ‘Brutis’? That 7-year-old golden retriever who saved a young child from a coral snake, even when it got a near-deadly bite from that snake? It was awarded National Hero Dog Award in the year 2004. So isn’t it amazing that dogs are so sensible and do their jobs so well, sometimes they do even more than what they are expected to do? Not only human babies, Dogs are reportedly found to save many other animals from a sure accident from time to time.


Military dogs do their own job even when they are not accompanied by the soldiers. The working dogs often protect the cattle and food produce alone. Remember, that Akita dog from the movie Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale? That dog was so much loyal toward his owner and it did the same duty that is waiting for his master at the station the same way as he used to do when his master was alive. Yes, such are the dogs. Their loyalty and honesty are unmatched. If some day a loyalty test program is arranged to test various pets’ loyalty level towards their masters, dogs will win without a competition. And we are all sure about that. These pictures are so lively and interesting that they will show you clearly how dogs can do their duties honestly without their owners.

Some people may say that dogs are loyal to human beings as they are dependent on us for food but it is absolutely not. It is more than the food factor. Dogs love their masters unconditionally. They feel bad when they are left alone and they just wait unconditionally for their owners to come back. They grow a strong bonding with their owners and that is why they do their duties so well even when they are alone. They feel that their master’s home and family are their home and family. So they faithfully guard, protect their owner’s properties. We know you are about to cry after navigating through these pictures showing dogs doing their duties honestly without their owners. But please don’t cry rather try to be as reliable as the way they are.