How to Get Great Photos of Your Pets to Cherish Forever

With online photo editors, design tools, a PNG maker, and more at your fingertips for free nowadays, you can turn pictures of your pets into works of art to hang on your wall, use as your smartphone wallpaper or even print into cool T-shirts. 

However, in order to get there, you first need a perfect picture, and we all know that pets aren’t always fond of sitting still for the camera. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot. 

Get Them Ready

If you want your photos to get likes on your socials, you need to make sure your furry companion is looking their best.

Give them a good grooming, wipe the gunk from their eyes, and there’s no harm in slipping them into their cutest doggie jacket for the occasion, if you so wish. Either way, get them looking spiffy for the camera. 

Pick a Relaxing Spot

Next, it’s important to make sure your pets are relaxed before trying to get a good photograph, otherwise, they’re likely to be bouncing off the walls.

Choose to take your pictures somewhere you know they’re comfortable and familiar, a place they’ll be calm and more likely to sit still. This will probably be somewhere like your living room or a spot in your backyard. 

Get Down on Their Level

When you want to take your shot, you’ll get the best angles and the best behaviour from your furry friends if you kneel down to their level. 

Standing up, they might get excited and be inclined to jump up to get your attention. By kneeling down, you can look them in the eye, and get an eye-level shot too. 

Catch Their Attention

If your dog or cat is uninterested in looking at the camera, you might need to entice them to do so.

Find something that you know will grab their attention – a favourite toy or a treat will usually do the trick just fine. However, watch out not to excite them too much with whatever you’re dangling in front of the lens! 

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Use Tricks and Commands

If your dogs know how to sit, lie down, stay, etc., those commands will be more useful than ever when trying to get a good shot of them without them moving or running over to you. 

Did you know you can train your cat too? Teach your kitty to sit and stay, if they’ll let you, and they’ll become great portrait-takers. 

Offer Treats

Good behaviour should always be rewarded. If you can get your pets to sit still, stay and look at the camera long enough to get a good picture, reward them with a treat, and if you’ll lucky, they might even do it again.

Take Lots of Photos

Finally, make your own life easier by taking loads of pictures. Even if your pets are moving about and looking in all different directions, there’s a good chance that one out of a hundred pictures will be good enough to make it to your photo gallery.