How to Give Your Cat or Dog a Pill

Your pet cat or dog really needs that special attention from you. You need to take care of its diet, well being and medication also. There are some sorts of oral medications like antibiotics and worming pills which you need to feed them by yourself. But giving your little pets pills can be a bit tricky. They may not show interest in swallowing the pills. So giving those tablets or pills can become a nightmare to you. But how to give your Cat or Dog a Pill? In this article we are going to discuss about few tips and tricks which will make your pet’s pill time easy and hassle free. Keep reading friends.


Ways to Give your Cat and Dog a Pill:

Giving your cat a pill:

The very first point which you need to keep in mind is that you should make your cat learn how to tolerate the way she would be given the pill. There are two ways you can use to give pill to your kitty.

1. Give her pill mixing it with food: For this purpose you need to identify your cat’s favorite meal item. Once you get it make different treat of the same food. At first give her treat with no pills in it. And when she starts enjoying it just put one pill in the following treat and offer her. After she has finished the treat having pills give her another treat at the end. But don’t repeat the number of treats in the next session because your kitten is smart enough to catch the trick. So next time follow a different order. And also make sure that she does not get the smell of the pill then she may show negligence. You can also use a pill gun or syringe and feed them the pill along with food in liquid form.


2. Giving your cat pill without food: This time the pill giving session becomes yet more critical. Make sure your cat is comfortable with your touching and holding her mouth. Otherwise this will be even tougher. For this you need a sturdy surface area like a table top or a floor where you can keep an open towel. Make your cat sit on it and for your convenience wrap your cat by it. So that your cat can not scratch you. This is named as burrito wrap. Just like a swaddled baby. Restrain your cat from any possible movement. Now hold your cat’s head by your left hand and make a ‘u’ shape by your thumb and forefinger while you hold her head. Just place your thumb and forefinger tips at the opening points of her mouth and gently press so that her jaw slightly opens. If you use syringe you will need just a short opening but in case of feeding pill the mouth should be wide open. Now just drop the pill inside her mouth and wait it to go more inside. Then release her head and blow slightly across her nostrils. Then allow her to drink some water.


Giving your dog a pill:

The same way you can also give your pet dog pills with or without food. Here are the methods.

1. How to give your dog tablets with food: At first make sure whether the pill can be given with food or not. If it is allowed then either make a small serve of his dinner or breakfast and hide the pill inside it. The serve size is very important. Don’t make a large serve. After he eats the pill then give them the rest of the food. If this method does not work, you can make a soft ball of chewy treat. Make it small enough and hide the pill inside it. Your pet will swallow it instead of chewing. Make sure your pup does not find any annoying taste or texture. He is smart enough and will only eat the food leaving the pill as it is!


2. How to give your dog tablets without food: For this purpose again you have to make your dog sit. Calm him down and try to open his jaws from the back of his mouth. Then with other hand put the pill inside his mouth and allow him to swallow it. Release his mouth and pat on his back. You can reward him with his favorite food after he accomplishes the task.


Giving your cat or dog pills is a tiring experience for you as well as your pet. So make them always prepared for such treatments. They shouldn’t feel much uncomfortable at the required time. And always make sure you treat them well and love them more after their pill taking session so that this does not be only a painful experience for them. This may lead to their negligence to take pill from the next time.