Tips Feeding your Pregnant Cat

Pregnancy is a very crucial situation for every living organism. At this period living organisms go through some physical stress and complications. So like other animals, cats are also similar in this regards.

A mother cat during its pregnancy period needs a lot of care and extra boost of protein and energy to be healthy.

But the home cats always depend on their owner for getting this extra care.

So it always depends on you that how will you treat your pet cat during pregnancy. First of all you will need a lot of knowledge regarding the cats and its nature during pregnancy. And then comes the necessary measures you should do at this time. This article is all about the feeding procedures of pregnant cats.

Feeding your Pregnant Cat1

There are a lot of foods available commercially in the market which are all formulated for providing special nutrients which are essential during both gestation and even some weeks after giving birth. Actually a mother cat needs a lot of extra calories and higher level of key nutrients at this time.

Some of these cats are very food sensitive and is provided with delicate formula food so for them other types of delicate formula foods are also available in the market. And if your cat is suffering from other heath issues and is on a specific diet then it is always suggested to consult with a veterinary doctor before making any changes on diet formula.

Feeding your Pregnant Cat2

Pregnancy Period:

Actually the total pregnancy period in cats is about 9 weeks. From the basic stage just after the mating period the quantity of food consumption increases by 50%. And slowly it goes on increasing with different stages. Pregnant cats are very good eaters and they will go on eating till you are going to provide them. Adequate nutrition is not only necessary but it’s vital for a mother cat. Sometimes cats drop their appetite and as a result they loses weight and falls sick. In this situation it is essential to consult with a vet doctor and they will suggest you about the next doings.

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One of the best ways to provide them food is giving smaller meals throughout the day. That is because it will provide them energy throughout the day. One thing you have to keep in mind that they shouldn’t become weak as the baby inside their stomach gives a pressure all the time. And also give them enough water to drink specially if they are having dry foods.

It is normal for the cats to gain weight at this time as they are carrying the baby and even after giving birth they accumulates the fat down to feed their baby. All these are a natural process. So nothing to bother about the weight gain instead of that you should provide them with necessary foods. A mother cat puts all her weight down during her 3-4 weeks nursing period.
Loss of appetite may also occur pre delivery but your duty is to provide them food still if they are not eating. But if this continues for some days then it becomes your duty also to take some suggestions from the pet.

Feeding your Pregnant Cat4

Lactation Period:

After giving birth, nursing the babies is also a very tough job for the mother. During milk production, the nutritional need of a mother doubles up and may even become quadruple. So at this time maintaining the quality of their milk is very much essential for the mother. If you consult with a vet they will suggest with some specially formulated diets for extra nutrition. At this time cat suffers from a high physical stress so they should be given with a lot of extra calories that will work as a energy booster.

At this time your pet cat will demand some extra food from you. Offer them with extra foods they want. Don’t worry as you are doing nothing bad for them it is very normal. Instead of giving all the foods at a time give it in two or three installments throughout the day. Try to avoid giving dry foods. Slightly moisten the food with water or milk. Keep a container with water from which they always drink water. It should be filled all the time. Again if you moisten the dry food the kittens will show some interest in the mother’s food.

The milk production automatically decreases after 6-8 weeks post birth. The transition will slowly decrease the quantity of milk production and ultimately after a certain period of time it will stop. At this time the amount of food consumption will also decrease gradually. It depends on the body condition of the mother cat that how much it will take to decrease the food to its pre-pregnancy levels. The main thing is that you will have a notice all these things carefully.

Feeding your Pregnant Cat5

Post Nursing Period:

So you already know that a cat stops milk production after 8-9 weeks of giving birth. Now the nursing period has also ended and it is your duty to bring them back in their appropriate diet, food quantity and frequency of her lifestyle. But be careful when returning to the old quantity of food. Do it gradually over 7-10 days otherwise the mother cat will suffer from stomach upset. Sometimes after the nursing period some cats loses much weight resulting in weakness. If such occurs it is better to consult with a veterinary doctor about the weight and food she should be given. Follow that necessary instruction given by your vet.

At the end you should feel relaxed as your extra caring duty has almost ended and your cat is also quiet fit now. She may be spending a lot of fun time with her babies. So have a nice time with your cat and new comer kittens.

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