How to say Goodbye to your Pet

The topic of this article seems really painful as we all know how tough it is to accept the reality. Saying goodbye to our pets and that also forever is one of the toughest jobs you will be doing in your life. But side by side we have to accept that no creature in this world is immortal. One day we will also leave this earth leaving everything. When we bring pets into our home, we are already accepting that it will leave us one day, but how to deal with that big loss. Yes answering this question in a single word is not that easy for us. So when the time comes, you will have to be prepared to say goodbye to your pet.

How to say Goodbye to your Pet:

1. Pet, Illness, and Situation:

Frankly speaking, there is no such rule to help your pet rest for a lifetime. So there is no question of following any rule. So you should consult with your veterinarian to get the actual input about the present medical condition of your pet and what he or she will face for that illness. So your veterinarian will tell you about the best thing you can do. So in this situation, it is better to have a caring friend who can give you full support. But remember that your friend should not be emotionally attached in this case. He can help you watch and understand what’s happening with your pet.

2. Pets live in the Moment:

The fact of past and future doesn’t matter to the pets and it is probably one of the most wonderful things about them. If we illustrate you this matter in details, you will come to know that when you enter your home after a couple of hours of work, the first one to welcome you will be your pet. This is because of their excitement of present. You will see no excitement in your family members just because they got used to your regular schedule. But your pet can’t get used to that just because they don’t believe in past or even you will continue with this schedule for the next five years and every day they will show you the same excitement because they also don’t think about the future. Everything that matters to these pets is the joy of this present moment. So try to think the whole on their principle. You will see the things getting easier for you. They are not remembering the great past they had with you or neither thinking about the future they will have to face.

3. Ask yourself:

So now, it’s time to ask some questions to yourself. We will be giving you some questions and you will have to write down the answers in your notebook. Yes, your own answers will make your way more smooth. But what will you ask yourself? Here’s the list of questions.

a. Why do I think it must the right time to euthanize?

b. What are my main fears of euthanizing?

c. What are the concerns of the people around me?

d. Besides those of my pet, Who else’s interest I am taking into account?

e. Am I making the decision just because it is better for my pet, or because it is best for me as I am not ready to let go my pet?

4. Try to measure the quality of Life:

Yes, lastly the thing you will have to do wisely is measuring the quality of life your pet in going through at this moment. So determine how good or bad your pet’s life is now at this moment. Yes, this can be really difficult to measure, but we will be telling you some better ways to go through this measurement. Make a list of 5 good things your pet loves to do. If you find that your pet can’t do three or more things from this list, you will have to get to the point that your pet’s quality life got affected. Also, you can keep a journal of your pet’s condition, behavior, appetite etc. This can be very valuable to evaluate the quality of life over time.

So selecting the process of euthanasia or the process of painless killing of a patient who is really suffering from an incurable and painful disease is really tough and it out us all into a confusion. Yes, we start thinking about our humanity. But we believe that this article will really help each one of us to take the right decision. These are probably the best way to say goodbye to your pet. You should go by these ways for yourself or you can also help your friends to go through these ways even when their pets are suffering a painful life.