How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment

Dogs are always lovely, but they do have something irritating in them. No actually, it’s not their fault. Like we talk, complain, let others know about our grievances, dogs also do that in their own way. Most of the time, you will find that dogs will bark to express what’s going on inside them. We people can do nothing, as it’s their way of communication. But this barking actually leads to a lot of problem in the home, specially when we stay in an apartment or a close community. It’s not possible for us to stay home all the time and look after our pet, but when at the end of the day we return to home, we get a lot of complain from the neighbors, saying about their loud barking. It’s really frustrating, but now the time has come, you should inform your neighbors that there are few steps that can quite down your dog even when you are not in home. Here are the steps you should follow.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment:

Give them Exercise: Actually, dogs bark because of their boredom and restlessness. So you will have to ensure that your dog should burn most of their calories they intake. The best idea to burn their calories is taking them for a regular exercise. So every morning before you go to your work, take them for a regular exercise that will keep them healthy and will also burn their extra calories. Even you can take them for a morning walk and let them use some of their energy. This will make them laze all over the day and as a result, they will not bark all through the day.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 1

Positive Reinforcement: So when you are home with your pup, try to give them a positive vibe when he stops barking or doing something good. You can also give them some treat as rewards. Actually, the thing is that your dog should know what is right and what is wrong. So you will have to take the responsibility to understand them the right and wrong thing. Once they get the point, automatically they will start making a better behavior.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 2

Block the Outdoor View: Animals are actually very anxious in nature and they will always try to engage them in small things happening right outside your room. Most of the dog breeds don’t bark just to make noise, rather they bark at something unusual to them. Like if they see a lizard or a chameleon roaming outside your living room, they will start barking at it. So, it’s the best way to keep your dog silent by cutting out all the sights of outdoor. So when you are getting out of home, close your windows and curtains and turn on a radio so that they can’t think of what’s going on outdoor.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 3

Entertainment: A great way to keep your pet dog engaged most of the time is by providing proper entertainment. So you are not at home most of the time in a day and now arrange for some toys that will keep them engaged and busy with it. There are lots of ideas that you can do with your dog. Take a tennis ball, cut it from the side and fill it with some treats. Give the ball to your dog when you are going out of the home. They will spend several hours getting the treat from inside the ball and this process will keep them engaged.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 4

Dog Training: Crate training is very important for dogs and you will find that most of the dogs will respond greatly with this training process. So this is an option for you guys which can train your dog to stay at home alone, without their owner. So once you have tried all the above steps and none of them really worked for your dog, you should think of consulting with a professional dog trainer who can help you out in this matter. Even the trainers will be able to teach you some other tricks that will help you to stop your dog barking. So seeking an
advice from a professional trainer is a great option for the dog owners.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 5

Reassure your Neighbors: It’s never possible to stop your dog barking overnight. So try to understand your neighbors that you have already taken it into concern and you are working on it. They will have to wait for some days and look for the results. Apologize for the problems caused to them and please don’t forget to make them understand about the patience. They will surely understand your words and will try to help you out.

How to Stop Dog Barking in your Apartment 6

There is nothing to get so tensed about the dog barking procedure. Instead, you should positively handle the matter, which will work much better. Actually, dogs are innocent creatures and they need some time to understand something. But we can assure you that they will surely understand your problem and try to recover themselves.