Sad Eyes & Empty Lives: Sad Wild Animals in Zoo Myth

We often visit various zoos to see the wild and exotic animals. In fact we enjoy a lot seeing them and their wild activities. But do we ever think about their mental situations? Actually we are not at all bothered about that. We just forget to think about them for our recreation. Actually this is not at all a fair mentality. Do you know these animals may lead a very sad life inside the cages? Yes, as they are wild in nature they face a lot of mental stress and frustrations living in a zoo. Living in a zoo without their family, friends and groups is really a very sad part of their life. I will discuss about some behavioral expressions of these animals which they usually makes while caged in a zoo.

Animal psychology or animal behavior is one of tough subjects in this world. You can learn a lot from reading books, attending workshops, watching various types of documentaries, doing some short courses but still according to me practical sense is the most useful way of gathering proper knowledge in this subject. So, the more time you will spend with these animals, the more you can learn about them. It is essential to follow their attitudes, behaviors by staying very close to them. Actually most people do a lot of mistakes understanding their moods and behavioral patterns. But being one of the major topics of animal psychology, proper knowledge is much more necessary.

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Next, coming to the facial expressions of animals. Sometimes we see that animals make a smiling like facial expressions. Most of us think that this facial expression is seen when they are too happy. But it is totally wrong, many animals make these types of facial expressions when they are afraid or nervous. So, we should be cautious regarding their facial expressions, otherwise they can attack us anytime to protect themselves being nervous and afraid.

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While visiting a zoo you will notice that some animals are not so active and energetic. Many people think that the lack of activeness and energy is caused due to sadness. But there are many explanations about this lethargy. Normally some animals are very inactive in nature. This is not due to their feelings. They love to live in a shy and inactive way. Actually we people have a psychological aspect to see us in these animals. We think that like us they also remain non energetic when they are sad. But actually in some animals this can be caused to boredom and uneasy atmosphere. So it varies in different animals.

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So, boredom in zoo animals can be an important feature. Actually these wild animals have nothing to do while in cage. This makes the animals bored. When in wild these animals go here and there searching for food and hunting. But in a zoo, they have to do nothing. In other words they live a luxurious life. They get food time to time without doing just anything. Many social animals maintain groups to stay together in wild which helps to protect themselves from their predators. In this case, sometimes these animals have to leave alone in the cages. This makes more difficult to spend their time alone.

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Animals can be sad for some causes. But it should be determined by understanding their correct expressions. Many factors can cause sadness in them. Also they can be in stress due to environmental factors. These animals also have their personal life. So they may be sad about many things related to their personal life. Generally it depends on your luck that when you will see them, their mood will be good or bad.

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Very often some animals are seen to face problems in their cages. Actually living behind the cage sometimes denotes lack of freedom to some of them. While staying in wild they remain fully independent but while in cages they are trapped in a particular area. This may lead to very aggressive mentality to many animals. But after staying for a long time they get adapted to the cage life.

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Any people visiting a zoo can judge right or wrong happening with these animals. But for this judgement process you should have a great idea about these animals. Likely, you have to study a lot about different animals and their behavior. If you spend a lot of time with these animals you can surely get more ideas about their behavior. Never possess a negative mentality towards their behavior. Always listen to those people who deal with animals regularly. They might know better than you. After having enough knowledge you can judge about the activities of these animals. Otherwise you will have negative insights. So always be objective and don’t always try to read the minds of animals which you don’t have enough idea.