How to Train a Dog to Guard your House

Want to train a dog to guard your house? You are at the right place. Most people say that training a dog to guard a house need professional training and that should be always done taking help of a dog training expert. But professional dog training costs a lot of money. It is not possible for everyone to bear that and in such case what should be done? Yes, you can train your dog at home. It is possible if you know the right ways. Read this article to get a clear idea of the steps to train your dog to guard a house.

How to Train a Dog to Guard your House

When you train your dog, you should teach them to distinguish between a guest and a stranger. This is actually very important and in such case, your dog will be familiar with almost all your guests whom you really want in your home. So it’s time to be a successful dog trainer and you will have to study about that. Scroll down to know about interesting ways to train your dog to guard.

Learn to Distinguish a Guard dog or an Attack Dog
There is a big difference between a guard dog and an attack dog, as the guard dog only informs the owner about the presence of the stranger through different ways, but the guard dog doesn’t attack all the time on command. But attack dogs do attack the strangers with commands and they mainly work with police and militaries.

Choose the right breed
If you don’t have a dog still now and looking forward to getting a guard dog at home, you will have to choose the right breed. Though all the breeds can be trained to be a guard dog but still know which dog breeds performs well as a guard dog. Small dog breeds such as chow chow, pugs, shar-pei are known to be very good guard dogs.

Socialize your dog
It is very important to socialize your dog from the young age. Socialization will help in the training of a guard dog. Actually, this will teach them to be comfortable with the normal environment. The best time to socialize your puppy is between three and twelve weeks of age. Try to take them to meet new people and introduce them a lot of things.

Choose a Trigger Word to teach them barking
You will have to choose a trigger word to teach them barking. This is mainly taught as because whenever a stranger will be at the door, with one of your trigger word or you may say command the dog will start barking. Though we recommend using the word bark but you can use any single word to teach them the command.

Practice the command
Actually, most of the dogs bark on their own if they get a sign of danger, but you will make them practice their barking by giving them a command. Tie your dog on the leash and tie it to one of the hooks in your home. Hold a treat in your hand and slowly move backward with it and try to move out from his field of vision. You will see them barking or making a sound. As soon as they make it give them the treat with your trigger word. Repeat this in different locations.

Create a mock scenario
Yes, you will have to create mock scenarios to see how your dog reacts in a case of any strange scene. To test that, keep your dog inside the house and get out of the house. Now, wait for some minutes there on the front door. Ring the doorbell and give your dog the bark command. If your dog barks, get inside and give a great treat. Now next repeat the same procedure with a knock. Now you can the mock scenario with someone else, for example, ask one of your friend to come and knock the door.

Teach your Dog the ‘Quiet’ Command
Now as you have a command to make them bark, you should also have a command to make them quite. And that will make your dog a good guard dog. Command your dog to bark and as your dog starts barking, the command to stop or quiet. You can use any word as a trigger word but stick to that. Once they stop barking at your command give them a treat. Do the same every time and it will make them a practice.

Practice the ‘Quite’ Command repeatedly
Repetition is always necessary, especially for a tough command. It takes a time to teach your dog and that’s why you should repeat the same command teaching procedures again and again. Also, keep in mind about the reward as that’s going to give them the need to learn something new.

Encourage your Dog
Now every time your doorbell rings, encourage your dog to bark at it. maybe you know who is on the door, still encourage your dog to do that. Now when you come to the door, give them the quite command and they will stop barking. Open the door and give them a treat.

So after going through the full article obviously you are thinking that it’s not impossible to train a dog to guard your house on your own, but it’s a bit on the tougher side. You will need a great patience and that will drive you to go through the whole process. Dog training takes time and you know that very well. So try it out, and you will be successful once again. Keep confidence in yourself and you can really do that.