Guidelines for How to Train your Dog when you have Kids at Home

Having a four-legged friend at home is a great thing but maintaining a kid and a dog together can be troublesome if you are not pretty aware of how to train a dog. When your kid gets bitten by your canine family member, you are likely to feel confused about what to do and what not to. When your kid is still a baby, you can keep him away from your dog but the problem arises when your baby learns to walk and you cannot make him sit at the same place all the time. And for your kind information, it is really hard to understand why your ever-trusted four-legged friend would bite your kid one fine morning. So, let’s go through this article where you may find your solutions to the big question, ‘how to train your dog’.

Guidelines for How to Train your Dog when you have kids at Home:

Which Breeds Are Safer to keep Along with kids:

Often we think that only a Pit Bull or a rouge Rottweiler can bite our kids but in reality, that is not what always happens. A pocket-sized Chi Hua Hua can also bite your baby if not trained well. Although big sized dogs are mainly fatal to the kids, other little dogs like Cocker Spaniels, Pomeranian can also prove to be dangerous to the kids. So this is just impossible for you to understand which breed is safe to keep along with kids and which not to.

Some reasons behind your dog attacking your kid:

• Out of Fear: One simple thing always keeps in mind that your innocent dog can bite the young people of your home just out of fear. And in most of the cases that are the only reason behind the dog bites. When a dog just enters into new premises, it gets used to with the adult members of the family but the kids, the youngsters, and the children create anxiety in the dog’s mind as they are relatively less known to them. After all your kids won’t feed your pet and would not even cuddle with him in the right way unless he is taught how to make friend with a dog. So your dog also does not feel that much comfortable with the kiddos and tends to bite them.

• Out of extreme irritation: Listen, even you would slap on your kid’s face if he continuously irritates you and the same goes for the doggies. Disturbances at the time of eating, at the time of sleeping, constant poking, rough handling, getting into their personal spaces, loud screaming etc which your kids often do, can irritate your four-legged friend to the fullest and the result may end up being dangerous.

• Out of Jealousy: Funny but true. If you tend to show more love towards your kid in front of your pet, it feels neglected and there are certain breeds who actually crave for their master’s affection, so they cannot really withstand their ’second’ position. And needless to say, whenever the kids are alone they can prove to be dangerous to the kids.

How to Train Your Dog:

And now comes the solution part. Frankly speaking, it is not that tough as you are thinking. It takes a bit of your common sense, understanding your pet’s behavior and knowing the probable causes of the child attack. Just start to train your dog before a baby comes into your family and you will accomplish things with ease.

• Make your dog well mannered and self-controlled: Make your dog well mannered. Let him understand when he is supposed to sit and when is supposed to walk and run. Examine properly, what he does when he wants something. Train him properly about how to want things. Make him salute or make him sit on his own when he needs something. Make sure he walks well on a leash and even when he is unleashed.

• Give your dog his own Private place: Everyone needs privacy. Provide your dog a room or let him choose his own area himself where he can take rest and sleep and make sure your kid is taught to avoid that place.

• Teach your dog to tolerate: Though it is a tough game and you should train your kid instead not to poke the dog. But in case, your kid accidentally bumps into your pet, make sure that you train your dog to keep patient. Make him accustomed with being touched everywhere and train him to love being handled all over.

• Pay less attention to your dog: We are not telling you to neglect your cute pup. Just try not to exaggerate your attention towards him. Feed him, Take him along for a walk but try to leave him on his own for some days so that, he does not feel jealous when you give priority to your kid. Just give your dog the time to get accustomed to less attention.

• Train your dog to get used to kid-tantrums: You can do it in many ways. Supervise the situation when your kid is making all sorts of screaming and jumping around and your dog is getting irritated. Give your dog extra treats and make him used to with these situations.

• Wait till he is fully prepared: Don’t leave him alone with your kids unless he is well trained. At first, notice whether your training is really working or not. If you see progress then okay but if not then keep patience and go on with the training session. And don’t leave them alone for that time period.

Dogs are fun to be kept at home. At first, making a good relation between kids and the dog may seem to be difficult but believe us, dogs are sensible and kind. Once you train your dog properly and once he starts understanding that the kids and infant members of the family are not harmful to him, they will end up being lovely companions and the scene of two of them playing joyfully in the garden area is bliss to your eyes. Right?