18 Most Amazing Animals on Earth

All of us know that our world is full of variety of animals. I can’t mention all of them but here I will discuss about some amazing creatures of this earth. I am sure you will gather a lot of sizzling information and be amazed after knowing about these animals. Really they are beautiful creations of nature. I think you have seen some of them and today you will come to know about some of them after reading this article. So don’t waste your time and start reading now:

Most Amazing Animals on Earth


Sloths are one of the oldest animals in this earth. They are mainly found in the rain forests of north and South America. They feed themselves with insects, ants, small reptiles and leaves. Most of the time they live on trees and come to ground very often once in a week. They are known to be very slow animals. They bear a very amazing look with brown fur all over the body. The amazing factor is that they have a very slow digestion rate with multiple chambers in their stomach. They can even take a month to digest a normal food. This results in a very slow metabolic rate in their body.

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The natives of the islands of Madagascar. They are the largest nocturnal primates of this world. To find insects from inside the tree they perform a very advanced technique by tapping the bark of a tree and then making a whole on it to insert their elongated middle finger. They are often believed by some as a rodent but they are actually mammals. Being active at night they do most of their hunting at that time. For finding their food they even travel up to 2.5 miles a night. Humans are their main predators as they think that Aye-Aye is a major cause of nuisance.

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A cross of pigs and ant eaters. Mostly they are found in North and South America. Being herbivores they eat leaves, berries, fruits and often under water plants. They have many sub species but most of them are in extinct condition. An adult male tapir normally weighs up to 700 lbs. They are great eaters. A single tapir can eat about 85 pounds of food in a single day. Each of their species varies in color. They are seen to be very closely related to horses and rhinos.

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Slender Loris

Mainly the native of India and Sri Lanka. They are nocturnal primates and can live in both wet and dry forests. The average life span of this animal is 12-15 years. As they are very small in size they feed themselves with insects and herbs. They are declared as an extinct animal and it is illegal to kill them. Their number of existence can’t be counted due to their nocturnal nature.

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Wrinkle faced Bat

These are very rare species of bat mainly found in North and South America. Slightly different from the other species of bat, they have a hairless face and several outgrowth of skin is seen in their faces. Mainly the male bats are more prominent. They feed themselves with various types of fruits.

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Blob Fish

An Australian and Tasmanian native, usually seen in the deep waters of sea. The Blob fish are an energy saver that is the reason they stay at the low density of water. They generally consume any organic substances. Due to their stay at low density of water they face minor threats from the predators.

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Red Panda

A shy matured animal, mainly found in Eastern Himalayas and south east china. They are omnivores and eats what they find in forests. They are really extinct and almost 10000 red pandas are left all over the world. They mostly bear the same characteristics as the Giant pandas.

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Geo Duck

An amazing edible saltwater animal normally 16-20 centimeters in diameter and the neck reaching about a size of three and a half feet. They are said to be one of the longest living animals all over the world and can live for an average of 150 years. They are largely harvested in many continents for edible purpose. And it is a very famous dish in some Asian countries. Also they are very famous in cultural world. Many films and television series has been seen regarding this animal. And they are also seen as mascots.

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Glass Frogs

Very rare species of transparent frogs mainly lime green in color. They are spotted in rain forest areas of south and Central America and also in some places of amazons rain forests. They are very small in size generally ranging from 3-7.5 centimeters. There are over 50 sub species of this frog.

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You have to see the shoebill stork with a shoe-sized bill. It is one of the most amazing animals on earth that is erroneously tall. It sometimes even reaches a height of four feet. With the shoebill’s long legs and powerful beaks, it’s said to be one of the scariest and best predators among birds.

They prey on fish, reptiles, rodents, and even baby crocodiles. If this got you scared to your wits, worry no more because they don’t prey on humans. They can be found in their natural home in East Africa.


Blue Glaucus

If you have an interest in slugs, you have to see the blue glaucus. Also known as the blue dragon sea slug, you will be mesmerized by its striped tendrils, vibrant build, and exceptional characteristics. The prominent blue color helps the blue glaucus camouflage whenever they feel threatened by other creatures in the ocean.

blue glaucus


Have you ever seen an exotic goat with long, corkscrew-shaped horns? If you want to see one, check out markhor or the wild goat they call the screw horn goat.

This goat has a majestic stance with a long beard that gives it a distinct look. As of today, this goat’s population has been saved from near extinction. Visit Pakistan, Turkmenistan, the Himalayas, Uzbekistan, or Afghanistan to see one in real life.


Poison Dart Frogs

How can something so unbelievably tiny be so deadly? The poison dart frogs from the South American rainforests will be a perfect example of this.

Despite its rainbow colors and elaborate patterns on its back, this one-inch big amphibian never fails to make a statement. With the capacity to wipe out ten men in one instant, it is no wonder all predators steer clear of the poison dart frog.

poison dart frogs

Fainting Goat

If you want to see a creature that can amaze you and make you laugh at the same time, try looking at the fainting goat. A once trending search for many viewers, the myotonic goats got people’s attention for their unusual muscle reflex.

The fainting goats experience extreme and complete muscle stiffening when they feel threatened or scared. Though this painless reaction lasts for 10 to 20 seconds, the genetic disorder has made people curious about this animal. If you want to see these most amazing animals on earth in real life, you can try visiting the Old Faithful Geyser Animal Farm located in Northern California.

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fainting goat

Stick Insect

Do you want to know about an insect that can camouflage its way into anything? The stick insect has been featured in the National Geographic Channel for its unique ability to hide on earth through its stick figure.

It is a giant insect that comes with thorn-like spikes. If you want a clearer picture, imagine a 21-inch stick insect that can hide and blend in with anything. If you want to see one in real life, you can visit Borneo.

stick insect

Mantis Shrimp

One of the strongest and most amazing animals on earth, specifically living in the sea, the mantis shrimp is one to witness in action. It has existed for over 400 million years, proving that this creature has the strongest clubs in the sea.

The mantis shrimp is so strong that it can crush tiny crab shells and open clams. It can deliver up to 500 blows that it can even break glass. This creature has taken extraordinary abilities like being able to see in two directions simultaneously.

If you want to see this superhero-like multi-hued peacock mantis shrimp in the flesh, try traversing the waters of Bali and Costa Rica.

mantis shrimp


They say beware of cute-looking creatures because they may bite. A good example would be the wombat. It is a tiny marsupial with a warm aura and a friendly face.

Some people think it is cute and harmless until they see it become aggressive with its rodent-like teeth out. There is some other cuteness to this creature because its poop actually has a shape similar to cubes.

Quite unusual, would you agree? If you want to see the front-pouched wombat, you can visit Maria Island in Australia or the San Diego Zoo.


Amazing Animals on Earth: The Conclusion

Above I have discussed about amazing animals but there are many more unusual and amazing animals in this world. I hope that the information’s given above will be very useful to you.