10 of the Most Expensive Pets of all Time

We know that keeping a pet involves some expense, but there are some that are more expensive than others. Just check out the list given below:

Thorough bred ponies: While these are the dream of many a girl they come at a huge price tag.

costly animals
Tibetan Mastiff: A well respected and expensive breed this one is counted among the most expensive
costly animals (1)

Bengal cats: These are a hybrid between the Asian leopard and the domestic cat

Hyacinth Macaw: These gorgeous birds are among the rarest and also the costliest
5693.03 Hyacinth Macaws
Toucans: These colorful birds rank among the most expensive pets to have

costly animals (4)
English Bulldog: These are expensive to get and also costly to maintain

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Chinese Crested Hairless puppies: Prized for their cute appearance and playful nature these cost a pretty packet

costly animals (6)
Squirrel monkey: These expensive animals make a great pet

costly animals (7)
Striped ball python: This pricey pet is much sought after

costly animals (8)
White lion cubs: These rare creatures are much sought after and quite expensive