45 Amazing Pictures Of Funny Animals to Make You Smile

We all know that humans are capable of a whole range of emotions and we can see that most of them being expressed on the face of the person due to changing expressions. Nevertheless, do you ever think of animals as having emotions that come out in the form of expressions on their face? Actually, animals are not conscious of the way the feelings they have are seen on their face and this can result in funny expressions.

Often the look on a pet’s face when faced with something unusual will have busting a gut with laughter and running to get a camera to click a picture. What is more, it has been established that looking at amusing pictures of animals with their comic expressions is not only good for your mood, but is also supposed to boost your concentration and your ability to do detail oriented work. So not only is looking at funny pictures of animals good to keep your mood up but also great for your productivity

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Well, if you are lucky enough to have pets at home, then there will be many opportunities for you to click cute and funny pictures of your pets when they do something funny. But if you are a creature of the urban world where having too many pets or even having one pet may be possible, then you will have to settle for looking at the funny pictures available to you on the Internet and at various social media sites.

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No matter what your sources is for looking at funny animal pictures, you can rest assured that these pictures will put a smile on your face and lift your mood too. Animals are prone to getting into situations that make them look bewildered. Like a kitten faced with soap bubbles or getting entangled in wool. Puppies are likely to tackle everything that they come across with the same enthusiasm that they give their food. This makes for some really funny situations where they bravely fight things out.

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Monkeys are known for their extraordinary agility and dexterity but even these creatures may find themselves in situations that become funny due to the way they react. Ducks and ducklings are another genre that provide us with many funny pictures. It is often the little animals that will continue to amuse us with their antics.  That is why when we are talking about cute animal pictures, we cannot forget the really active and funny elephant babies. These baby elephants squeal with gay abandon as they try and get into as many things as possible.

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Much like human mammas and babysitters, you can see elephant matriarchs swatting the little ones and trying to keep them from getting into trouble and keeping them out of dangerous. Did you know that when a baby elephant is really upset about something, it is likely to take a mud bath?

Even cubs of dangerous animals like lions and tigers have the quality of being funny as they get into the most ridiculous situations.  They tend to almost like harmless kittens and this makes sense too given that they do belong to the cat family.

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Funny animal pictures are not only the result of animals while they are active, sometimes the things that animals do in their sleep can also result in really funny pictures. This ranges from the way some cats sleep on their back looking very much like humans or dogs slumping into sleep in the most contorted positions. There are many cute and funny poses that animals get into making for the funniest images possible.

Amazing Pictures Of Funny Animals


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If you go ahead and search online for an image of a walrus, you’d see that most of them have tusks. However, that is not always the case for walruses in captivity.

More often than not, aquariums and zoological parks have to remove a walrus’ tusks to reduce the risk of banging them against their enclosures.

This ensures they don’t suffer from infections that can put their lives at risk.

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As you can see, an elephant’s feet don’t have opposable thumbs, nor do they have fingers. That’s why they can’t simply use them to pick things up from the ground like we do.

Instead, their trunks have two opposing “fingers” that they can move at will. This dexterity allows them to pick up even the smallest things (like a peanut).

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Are you having a hard time telling the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Just look at the snout!

Crocodiles have V-shaped snouts, while alligators have U-shaped snouts.

Another difference i s that a crocodile’s lower teethare often visible, while an alligator’s lower teeth are hidden.

Of course, none of these matters if you’re trying to run away from them!

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Contrary to common belief, dachshunds actually don’t have elongated bodies!

Alright, we can already hear you arguing, but hear us out.

These dogs were originally bred to hunt badgers. German breeders used chondrodysplasia, which is a gene mutation that stunts the growth of their legs.

So, yes, the short legs give the appearance as though their bodies are long! These short legs then allow them to crawl into burrows and tight spaces to do their jobs.

However, those German breeders probably didn’t foresee that people will love the unique frame of Dachshunds that makes them adorable pets!

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A female elephant’s estrus cycle only lasts for three weeks in a single year.

During this period, she can only conceive for a period of three to five days. That’s why it is quite difficult for elephants to grow their herd.

What’s even more surprising is that after getting pregnant, a female elephant will not give birth until two years after!

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The cute furball in this ironic photo is called a prairie dog.

Despite its name, prairie dogs are actually rodents and not canines, which is quite obvious in this photo.

They simply earned the name “dog” because their warning calls sound like a dog’s bark. Well, maybe because they’re goofy and like to chew on stuff as well!

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If you look at an elephant drinking water, it seems as though it’s using its trunk as a straw!

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible because that’s where they breathe.

Instead, what happens is that elephants fill their trunks with water and then use them as a hose to pour the water into their mouths.

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We can say with absolute certainty that this particular gorilla is named Snowflake, a fitting name for a white gorilla. How did we deduce that?

Well, Snowflake is actually the only white gorilla in the world, making him look like a yeti. His color was the result of a very rare mutation.

He was featured in the Guinness World Records for being the rarest gorilla in the world.

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We take mirrors for granted because we use it daily and understand what its purpose is.

However, for a lot of animals (excluding chimpanzees, elephants, and a few others), they don’t understand what reflections are. That’s why they are baffled with mirrors.

They treat their reflections as a stranger, and they either attack them or court them.

In some cases, like the black-crowned crane in this picture, they are just completely baffled by what they’re seeing.

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This right here is called the Southeastern five-lined skink.

Despite its appearance, almost looking like a snake, it is actually quite harmless to humans. Its regular diet consists of insects and spiders.

This lizard can grow from five to eight and a half inches long. It’s often found in South Carolina and throughout the northern regions of Georgia.

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PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

The black and white colors of a giant panda make it one of the most easily recognizable creatures in the animal kingdom.

This color combination actually baffled scientists and biologists for decades simply because there’s no other animal with this appearance.

After years of research, they found out that this color combination is for camouflage.

The white fur allows them to blend with the snowy background, while the black fur lets them hide in the shadows.

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