10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

While looking for most intelligent dog breeds, you will have to know about them. Though most of the owners claim that their dog is the smartest one, but it gets proved by the skill. Most dog breeds are intelligent but not all, so you will have to study about that. Smartness and intelligence of a dog breed depend on many factors and one of the main is proper training. By training a dog any human can bring out the natural intelligence of a dog and that proves their level. But when you will be selecting the dog breeds it better to go with a reputation. Here are another intelligent dog breeds that you are finding for.

Now when we are about to start, before that we should tell you that dog intelligence depends on our approach. So, you will have to know the proper way of training and shape up your dog’s mind. That will give you a good experience with your dog ahead.

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds:

German Shepherd:

Talking about one of this popular dog breed, you will find that they are very smart and agile. Probably you’ve heard of their recruitments in police and military organizations and they have proved themselves with their outstanding skills. Have a glance of some of the working photos here. Normally a German shepherd is good with children and very loyal towards the family. But you will be finding a lack of affection in them.

Siberian Husky:

A beautiful dog from the northern climate which is mainly regarded as a working dog breed with great energy and efficiency. As they are very intelligent they can be trained very easily. They are well known for their agility and actually, they prefers to stay in active mode all through the day rather than staying idle.


Do you want a proud dog that can make your day? Go for a poodle without any confusion. It is ranking high in the list of popular dog breeds around the world and interestingly a hypoallergenic breed. Poodles can be very easily trained for various skills and be the national dog of France, they are really proud of themselves. Be ready to get active with your dog.

Golden Retriever:

Looking for a dog that can take away your heart? Here it is. Golden Retriever is a very friendly dog breed with a lot of natural intelligence in them. They have a great dedication for what they do and a very good companion dog for every kind of people.


This well-known guard is known for their loyalty and loving nature. The most important feature of this dog breed is that they want to work for you all the time and that’s the reason they are used as police dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs etc. Rottweilers are very devoted and very obedient.

Blood Hound:

They are well known for their floppy ears and wrinkled face. Bloodhound is a very friendly and independent dog breed. Talking about their intelligence level, Bloodhounds have a great power of smell and determination. So don’t just get confused looking at their appearance. Check out some other similar dog breeds with floppy ears.

English Setter:

English setters are mainly used for hunting and hunting games. But they need proper mental stimulation. If you give them proper training from their very young age, they can prove really well. This dog breed is highly energetic and loves to be in the company of humans.

Great Dane:

You can assume by their name, Great Danes are really big in size but are not so aggressive. Great Danes are known to be very friendly and this hunting dog shows a great response in proper training. They require daily exercise and workout to stay fit.


The meaning of the word ‘Papillon’ is Butterfly in French and there from the name came. Papillon is a very adventurous dog and can learn tricks within a very short time. They are very good natured and adapts the owner’s characteristics. But don’t make them boring, it will be resulting in something destructive.

Labrador Retrievers:

According to United States report, it is the most popular dog breed. Labradors are great as rescue dogs and guide dogs. Labradors are known to be very gentle and polite towards humans. They have a great love for their family and can please the owner with even anything.

Actually, we have said in the beginning that most dogs are intelligent but not all. Every dog breeds need proper training over a long time to show their natural intelligence in everything, even these most intelligent dog breeds. So it’s always better to train them from their very young age. So it varies from every person to person what kind of dog they want for them. Before choosing perfect breeds for yourself, you should spend a lot of time studying about them. This will give you a deep knowledge and will get you rid of all the confusions.