Otter Hound Dogs Information and Facts

Introduction: Who does not like a companion like a cute puppy? Their wagging of tails, those innocent looks, their workability, loyality, affection and gratefulness has always made them special among the pet animals. Dogs are the first animals who were domesticated by human beings. So there is a pretty long history between man and this cute mammal. But while choosing the best breed of pet dogs we often get confused about which breed can make the best companionship. In this article, we are going to enlighten our knowledge about one such pet breed, which can make the best pair with your kid and will lift up the mood of your family with a whole lot of spirits. The breed is ‘Otter hound’. Here we are sharing some of their characteristics and facts about them which you will like to know before you choose them as your new companion.

Otter Hound Dogs Information and Facts:

Origin: Though the exact origin is not known, it is believed that this breed originated in France. To be precise, this breed is a crossbreed between bloodhound and rough haired terriers. The naming of this breed is altogether an interesting story. They were used by the fishermen to hunt otter (a carnivorous water mammal).Moreover they have an astonishing power of smell about otters. For these reasons, they got this name.

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Description: It is mainly a breed of scent hound. Large in size they have moderately rectangular body with big, narrow head. They have big nose with wide nostrils. The color of their eye complements their circle of color around eye. They have loosely hung down, folded ears, which are furry. They have muscular neck and thick tail which is thicker at its root and the open end is ponted.They have two layers of coats which are as thicker as 3 to 6 inches. The inner coat is water resistant and soft whereas the outer coat is much rough.

Otterhound Dogs Information and Facts 2

Height and Weight: The male height averages to 26 – 28 inches and the weight is about eight 95 – 115 lbs. Now the females are bit low in this matter and their height remains between 24 – 26 inches and weighs about 65-90 lbs.

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Life Expectancy: They usually live up to 10 to 12 years. Though exceptions happen with some dogs.

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Exercises: What Otter hounds must do every day is to swim. They should jog or walk everyday with their masters .They should walk on cool concrete streets. It helps to keep their toenails short. The master should be very careful about their movements because they a tendency to chase after every curious think they get to see. In a well-secured area, otter hounds can be very good jog companion.

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Health Problems: The most common disease in otter hounds is hip dysplasia. Which is a widespread orthopedic disease in them .Being a big chested breed, they are also prone to bloating or gastric dialation. Many dogs also die out of cancer. Another major health issues in the otter hounds is sebaceous cysts. This happens when a normal or hair follicle is blocked. Other health problems are elbow dysplasia, hemophilia, ear infections, epilepsy, arthritis etc.

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Living Requirements: Otter hounds are not that pretty choice if you live in an apartment. For good exercises and outdoor habits, they need well-secured open yard. Generally, they become inactive if kept indoor.

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Grooming: You need to start his grooming process as early as possible. You need to brush their coat at least once or twice a week because the coat has a tendency to get mat at places like on the head, the legs and especially at stomach area. Besides, their coats must be trimmed on a regular basis. Weekly bath is not that necessary.

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Temperament: This breed is a very joyful breed. This hound dog is playful, even-tempered. They are affectionate, friendly and they also have a very good sense of humor. This breed is meant to protect packs. So if they are friendly with your pet cats or other pets you have it will protect them with equal care. Otter hounds love to swim and run and they are very comfortable in your kid’s company. Otter hounds are among those dogs who have high energy level so to keep pace with it they need to do lots of running or exercising to shed
that energy.

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Litter Size: The otter hound breed is extremely rare. Their litter size is also extremely small. They generally give 4 to 7 puppies a year .Some other gives up to 12 puppies. For a long time they were in the endangered species list. Now a days, they are out of that list.

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Well now, you know lots of things about the big ‘hound’ breed Otterhound. They are the best choice for you if you are looking for a big dog with soft and large furs who are compatible with your family members as well. Otter hounds are mainly outdoor dogs. So you can join your nearer dog activity centers to keep them engaged in outdoor activity. So go and have a cute otter hound along with you.