Proper Pet Food Storage. 5 Creative Ways to Store Pets Food

Pet parents go to great lengths to choose the best food for furry family members. Proper pet food storage can help keep food fresh, plus it can help you keep your home looking tidy. In this quick guide, we’ll be taking a look at five creative ways to store pet food, plus we’ll go over some reasons why proper pet food storage is so important.

The Danger of Improper Pet Food Storage

Pet nutrition experts at Pet MD warn that leaving dry pet food unsealed can cause excessive exposure to air. This can increase the risk of bacterial contamination, particularly when humidity is an issue.

Similarly, it’s important to seal uneaten wet pet food and refrigerate it. Canned pet food should be left out for no more than four hours. Without refrigeration, salmonella could result, making your pet very sick.

Proper Pet Food Storage Conditions

According to Pet MD, the way you store unopened pet food is equally important. They recommend storing pets food sealed containers of dry food and unopened containers of wet and dry pet food at room temperature. In addition, they note that it’s vital to choose a dry location and make sure that all containers are kept out of reach of pests that might cause an infestation.

It’s also important to take a few moments to pay attention to package labels for proper pet food storage. Manufacturers often provide specific instructions for storing pet food once it has been opened. This information might be located on the front or back of the package. It is normally provided in fine print, so you might need to do a little bit of searching.

Five Creative Options for Storing Food For Dogs

The size of your storage solution will have an impact on how much food you are able to stash away! With different-sized dogs and a couple of the most popular diets in mind, here are five dog food storage ideas.

Purpose-Built Food Bin

How to store pet food

If you have a large dog with a big appetite, you may want to purchase a specially made pet food storage bin. There are lots of options available, including some stylish all-in-one designs that come complete with bowls and leash hangers built-in.

Brand New Garbage Can

Storing pet food

In case you’re looking for a more utilitarian option, consider a plastic or metal trash can that has never been used for garbage. These cans have tight-fitting lids to keep air and moisture out so your pet’s food stays fresh. If you like, you can release your inner creative genius and paint the outside of the can – this way, it’s as attractive as it is useful.

Attractive Sealed Storage Container

Pet food storage

Medium-sized amounts of dog food call for storage solutions to match. A sealed pet food storage bin is ideal. Choose one that holds the amount of food you normally purchase – often, product descriptions will state the number of pounds a food bin will hold. There are lots of great designs available, ranging from sleek stainless steel to painted wood. These dog food storage containers are far more visually appealing then an open bag – plus, they keep your dog’s food away from pests.

Decorative Canister

How to store pets food

Smaller quantities of pet food are easily stored in attractive canisters that match your home’s decor. These are also ideal for keeping a large dog’s treats fresh. Simply choose a container that appeals to you, ensuring that it has a good seal. Fill it up with your pet’s food and you’re all ready for mealtime when it arrives!

Food-Safe Plastic Containers

Pet food storage

If your dog eats fresh food that you’ve made yourself or had delivered, the best way to store pet food in sealed, food-safe plastic containers that you can stack easily inside the refrigerator. Simply portion out your dog’s meals, label them, and put them away. These containers are convenient, plus they are easy to sanitize in the dishwasher.

Conclusion About Storing Pets Food

Your dog’s food is an investment in their health. With so many appealing ways to store pet food, concerns over freshness and safety can be left behind. Which idea do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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