10 Steps to Find Your Lost Pet Cat

If you have a pet cat in your home, I think you are used to the bad habits of your pet.

Yeah the cats possess many bad habits which sometimes become very irritating to we people. Among them I think the most important one is the hiding or wandering of your cat. Cats are very mysterious in nature.

Each and every time they look around for mystery. They have a habit of exploring new things. So it may also happen with you that one day you will find your cat missing.

But no need to worry about this. This is very usual to a pet cat until and unless your cat is very lazy in nature. Actually coming at a particular age the cats try to go for hunting within a particular territory.

And the territory is not so big. So after a certain time they will surely come back to you.

This territory varies with the breeds. But sometimes we owners think that they have really lost or they are in danger.

But I should say you that cat are very protective in nature and very often they face danger. Read out to know about some interesting ways to find out your so called ‘LOST’ pet cat.

Steps to Find Your Lost Pet Cat

1. Look out for your cat in the neighbour’s houses. Go to all the houses in your neighbourhood area and ask them if they have seen your cat.

As I have told earlier cats are very mysterious and they can often go for a visit at your neighbour’s house to explore something new.

2. There are many organisations those who are very active in rescue of animals. So it may be possible that your cat was loitering on the roads and they have trapped them.

So get the contact numbers of these organisations nearby you. Call them and ask if they have found a cat like yours.

Find Your Lost Pet Cat (1)

3. Go to the nearest Police station and inform them about your lost cat. Sometimes they get calls from people related to found pet animals.

Also they patrol in every area. So if they find your cat they will inform you. It is very tough to get the attention of police but try to motivate them if they can help you out. This is where GPS cat trackers come in to play. If your cats loves going outdoors than it is probably a good idea to place a cat tracker on his collar

4. Sometimes it is seen that cats move out your house to excrete. But after that if they find something very interesting they will get into that and can even forget everything for a particular time being. So try to be calm and wait for your cat to return.

5. Leave a food which your cat prefers the most. But it should be a high odour one. So that they can smell it from a distance. Your cat may return when he or she will get hungry. You can use tasty cat foods.

6. If you have small woodland or forests near your house. Go and look up there if you get any sign of your cat left around. Because the woodlands are not a safe place for your cat. Cats have many predators like big snakes, Coyote, Eagle owl or a great horned owl.

7. If you have a pet dog in your home as well try to keep it locked in a room for some days. Some cats are really afraid of dogs. May be your cat belongs to that category. So they can leave your house getting afraid of your pet dog.

Find Your Lost Pet Cat (2)

8. If your cat is still missing, it’s time to proceed for public advertisement. Yes put out a lost cat poster with a photo of your cat in it. Hang it on all the nearby public places. You can really get a good result. But remember to mention the award money and of course your address and contact no.

Find Your Lost Pet Cat (3)

9. Contact your local T.V and radio station so that they make regular announcements for your cat with proper description. Sometimes this works very well.

10. You can also use the social networking websites to make your advertisement. Post a picture of your cat and upload a post with necessary information’s. So that if anyone finds our cat they will immediately contact with you. An online advertisement really serves very well.

And still if you don’t get your cat back it is a very sad situation. There is nothing more to do instead of waiting for its return. Actually the fact is that when you are deciding to get a pet cat you have to be used to this things. But if you try all the above measures I am sure that if your cat is still alive and ok you will surely get it back. Also be aware that sometimes the pet animals get stolen by strangers. If your cat is very rare in nature there is a great chance of being stolen by some other peoples.