10 Exotic Animals That can be Your Pet

We people are very much afraid of these wild exotic animals. It works like a phobia in our mind. we think that they are very harmful towards us. But actually the scene is not like that. It fully depends on your behavior with these animals. Remember each and every animal are from wild. Actually the classification is made by us. We identify some animals as domestic while some as wild or exotic. It always doesn’t mean that the exotic animals can’t live as your pet. I don’t think that they will have any problem to become a pet if they get the proper care needed by them. Many people are there who keep wild animals in their home. So you can also think of that. Don’t worry, the animals will not harm you until and unless you harm them. I will mention few exotic animals that can be your good pet.

Exotic Animals That can be Your Pet

1. Savannah Cats or some small Felines: They are a type of wild cats. As they are often mixed with tigers or leopard we identify them as wild animals. But they are much attractive and cute. All you need to keep them in your household is a proper cage and required caring. These cats mainly search for small preys. Their body structure is almost like a Cheetah but not so fatal in nature. Just bring home when they are small in size, avoid a big or adult one.

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2. Bush Baby: They are one of the beautiful animals. In spite of their energetic and wild characteristics they are mainly banned as domestic animal. But if you can spend a lot of time with them, they can easily be your pet. They mainly need a beautiful company may be it is from human being or any other big animal. You can keep them free in your home. They will not harm you. As they love to stay in human dwellings.

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3. Kinkajou: This amazing creature is often related to the monkeys. But they don’t bear any relation with them. They are rainforest mammals. Kinkajous are wild animals but not an endangered species. They can live with human beings if they are properly handled and care. Some examples of biting have been spotted but their bites are not so harmful. Their beautiful and amazing body structure makes them very attractive.

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4. Capybara: Generally said to be the largest rodent in the world. Often they look like a guinea pig with a brownish colour. If you desire to keep this animal as your pet just know that they are totally harmless and they doesn’t possess any harm to you. If you have a large plotted land with a small water pool or pond they can easily live around your house. And the most amazing thing is that they are herbivores mainly feeding on grass and aquatic plants.

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5. Spotted Genett: A nocturnal species with a secretive nature. They look very handsome due to their feline like body structure with pale grey and black spotted coat all over the body. They have a long striped tail. They are a good pet to them who can tolerate their energetic attitude. They scratch a lot in your body while you will go to care them. Normally they are not so fatal, but sometimes they bite due to fear and hungriness. They generally feed themselves on small insects, birds, lizards and amphibians.

Rusty-spotted Genet

6. Boa Constrictors: If you are really a snake lover and have fascination on reptiles. You can go for a boa constrictor. They are very large and heavy weight snakes. Having a variety of colours and patterns they look very attractive. They are mainly poisonous but the death rate caused by them all over the world is very low. Very often they attack on humans if they get threatened but normally lives own their own.

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7. Muntjac Deer: They are oldest known deer in this world, thought to be originated 15-35 million years ago. In general their size is too small almost like a cat. They can roam here and there all over your house without affecting you. Most of the times they love chewing like other species of deer. Like any other deer they are also very shy in nature.

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8. Bennett’s wallaby: Natively they are Australian animal. They are very similar to kangaroos but not so energetic like them. Being herbivores they feed themselves on grass, leaves, weeds etc. You need a lot of outdoor space and a proper shelter in your house to domesticate them.

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9. Tamandua: They are very energetic animal with an amazing look. They feed with ants, termites and insects. They are very active at night. Some people keep them in house for the purpose of pest control. They are not at all harmful to the humans. You should have enough trees and bushes in your house.

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10. Fennec Fox: Being a highly social animal, they can be your exotic pet easily. They are very small with a big ear. Interestingly, they are the national animal of Algeria. You can feed them with rodents, insects, small birds and rabbits. They have a great capability to live without water for a long time.

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So these are the animals you can easily make your exotic pet. But remember to have a sufficient knowledge about these animals before stepping into it. Otherwise it can be very risky and hazardous to you.