Super Cute Animals You Can Find in Texas

There are more than 142 different animal species that you can find in the state of Texas according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. Many of them are extremely rare and need to be carefully conserved. There are definitely a few that you wouldn’t want to keep as pets, such as the wild hogs, alligators and cougars. But there are some animals that are irresistibly cute – you can see them out in the wild, in the park or even in your own backyard.

Nine-Banded Armadillo

The Nine-Banded Armadillo is the only species of armadillo that you will find in Texas. If you’re looking to move to Texas, a land search can help you find the perfect ranch or land. There is  massive diversity in the land in Texas, but whether you are near the coast or on a farm, there are likely to be Armadillos. This is because Armadillos feed on ants and termites, which are everywhere. Even though Armadillos have very poor eyesight, they are extremely good swimmers – they can stay underwater for up to six minutes. Armadillos are always born as a quadruplet, so each animal will have three identical brothers or sisters who are just as cute. Armadillos are a very unusual-looking animal, and they may have evolved from a dinosaur called the Glyptodont.

Fox Squirrel

The Fox Squirrel is the most common type of squirrel in Texas. You will find them not only in parks, but also upland forest areas, where they are particularly fond of the acorns from Oak trees. Fox squirrels will also eat fruit, nuts, insects and even small amphibians. The farmers aren’t keen on the squirrels though, as they also like to eat pecans and corn. Fox squirrels have long bushy tails that help them to keep their balance when they are exploring the trees, and their fur is a beautiful cinnamon color.

The Ringtail

The Ringtail is actually a member of the raccoon family, and you can find them all over Texas, even areas that are semi-desert. You will have to stay up late if you want to see one in the wild though, because Ringtails are nocturnal animals, coming out at night to feed on small mammals, lizards, insects and even small birds. Ringtails are about the same size as a small domestic cat, and have a beautifully striped tail that helps them to balance. Some people tame ringtails to keep them as a pet, but they are happiest out in the wild.