15 Surprising Miniature Donkey Facts and Information

How cool is that to own a pet which is not a dog, but is as affectionate and loyal as a dog. If you are in search of such a pet, then Miniature Donkey totally fits your list. Today we will be talking about such surprising miniature donkey facts and information which is not only exciting to know, but also it will compel you to fall in love with this guy again and again. Miniature donkeys are fun loving, joyful, loyal and superiorly intelligent. Moreover, they can be trained so easily to lead and pull a cart. Just let your kids sit in a cart and this mini friend will pull the cart with ease. So just without doing further rambling, let’s jump into some surprising miniature donkey facts and information.

Surprising Miniature Donkey Facts and Information:

1. Origin: These gentle donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands. The two breeds Sicilian and Sardinian donkeys are bred extensively with each other and with animals of unidentified ancestry in the USA to produce a separate American breed of donkeys which are famous as the miniature donkeys. The donkeys are now extinct in the land of their origin and their current shape and size is totally due to the excellent breeders of the USA.

2. Their numbers and registration: There are about 15,000 donkeys registered in USA. A registration system was established in 1958 to keep track of the numbers of donkeys, which is administrated by the American Donkey and Mule Society.

3. Height: An adult donkey must not be more than 36 inches tall when measured from the highest point of the withers to the floor. The world’s smallest donkey is just 25.29 inches tall and his name is Kneehi!


4. Weight: The adult donkey may weigh between 225 to 350 pounds. At birth they weigh only 15 pounds.

5. The Naming Game: These teeny tiny babies are named according to their genders and ages. Surprising, right? The males are named ‘jacks’, the females are ‘jennets’ or ‘jennies’. The sterilized donkeys are named as ‘geldings’. The baby donkeys are called ‘foals’ until they are weaned. The weaned and below one year old babies are named as ‘weanlings’ and the babies between one and two years are named as ‘yearlings’. Whoops! And you thought only men can name their babies.

6. Lifespan: The average lifespan of a donkey is about 25 to 35 years.


7. Foaling: The gestation period is 11.5 to 13 months with an average around 12 months. There is no such foaling problem in miniature donkeys.

8. Color: The donkeys are mainly of gray, brown or black color. Besides, red colored and spotted or a frosted spotted white variety can be found. Most of the donkeys have ‘light points’ (white around their eyes and muzzle).

9. Cross: Almost all the donkeys have dark brown or black stripes on the top of the back starting from the withers. These are called crosses. There is a legendary story named’ Legend of the Donkey’s Cross’ associated with them. You can Google it and can know what the legend is all about.


10. Health: They are very easy going animals and have relatively few health problems. They are hardy enough to thrive in cold as well as in the hottest areas.

11. Foods they have: Good quality horse hay should be fed to them. Else crimped oats, high protein feeds are necessary for them.

12. Water: They need access to 24 hours fresh, clean water, especially in the summer as more heat can cause bacteria to grow faster than winter.


13. Personality: Miniature donkeys are a complete package. They are affectionate, playful and grow brotherly bonding with the human beings. They are cute and moreover, they are equally playful to other pet animals. So if you have a pet dog, don’t worry, your miniature donkey wouldn’t mind making friendship with him.

14. Intelligence: Miniature donkeys are very intelligent and they are thinking and reasoning farm animals. They can easily be trained to pull carts and all. And their memory is very powerful. That is why they often tend to be stubborn. They enjoy adventure as well.

15. Breeding them for business purpose: They are fun to have and are best if you are thinking of making some added income. Their market price is stable for many years and they are easy to manage and healthy. And most of all they are easy to market because they will themselves sell them with their adorable presence and easy going nature.


Now, as you have gone through all the adorable miniature donkey facts and information, now you know how cute they are and they can prove to be the fondest pet to you. So, just don’t delay, go and bring one baby for you and get the cuteness struck!