Symptoms of Depression in Dogs and How You Can Cheer Him Up

When you look at dogs that are so full of loyalty and eager love for you, it is difficult to think of one as depressed, but in fact dogs can get depressed. And when they do it is upon you to cheer them up. Sometimes you will find that depression may be a daily thing as some pooches do have a problem from being separated from their owner. They will feel down once they realize that the household is going to be empty and they are going to be left alone.

Sometimes the cause of depression could be a special event like the birth of a baby or sometimes sadly due to the passing away of somebody who used to play with the dog or  even the demise of a member of the family.

How to find the Symptoms of Depression in Dogs?

You should look out for the following signs to find out if your dog is indeed depressed:

  • Sleeping too much
  • Lack of interest in going for a walk
  • Indifference to much liked toys
  • Too much or too less food consumption