The Best Movies and TV Shows About Animals to Watch on Netflix

It is scientifically proven that animal videos can actually reduce your daily life stress levels. Animals are cute and sometimes very intriguing to look at. It is also good to watch new documentaries on Netflix that detail the way animals in a home and natural habitat operate. This should be a family activity at least once a week, where we are teaching our children the importance of other creatures of the world and our responsibility towards an environment that we share with the said creatures. 

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Let’s look at the list of some of the most popular and new documentaries on Netflix that you can watch: 

1. The Planet 

Arguably, this one is one of the all-time best documentaries on Netflix because of the sheer grit and effort it took to produce it. You will not need the Netflix sign-in unblocked because this one is present in most Netflix regions without any restrictions. 

This is an eight-part series that took the makers a total of 3,500 days of filming in harsh conditions and meeting scientists to come to this beautiful conclusion of a documentary. High-definition wildlife film that won an Emmy gives viewers an up-close look at creatures in their natural environments, whether it’s the ocean, Siberia’s tundra, or a tropical rain forest. You’ll understand the hard effort that went into producing such a gorgeous documentary when you realize that producers spent 10 days in the field to make each final minute of the film, which is narrated by David Attenborough.

2. Oceans 

Despite the fact that Oceans was released over a decade ago, it should still be on your watch list because it explores the important function water plays in our lives. It’s a film about the seas and the organisms that live in them, with a focus on the planet’s five oceans. Breathtaking images from the ocean‘s depths take you up up and personal with previously unseen worlds, giving you a newfound appreciation for water. There is no doubt that this is one of the best documentaries on Netflix. And, if you have to use an unblocked Netflix, then you should definitely do it with a VPN and watch this one.

3. Blackfish 

Seeing wild and exotic animals up close in places like zoos and aquariums is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of us. However, at what price? The film Blackfish explored the life of Tilikum, a Seaworld killer whale who was trapped and trained, and who caused the deaths of three people while performing. The film argues against aquarium animal abuse, arguing that animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitats with their families rather than being captured and kept for human amusement. SeaWorld’s orca performance, which had been running since 2005, was shut down in 2016. This relatively new documentary on Netflix explores a pressing issue of animal captivity that we should all consider. 

4. Night on Earth: Shot in the Dark

This documentary answers the question of what kind of creatures live in the shadows. Filmmakers used a variety of techniques, including scuba diving and freezing, to capture images of creatures and insects that are active at night when most of the world is asleep. This ground-breaking footage captures the hidden side of some of the world’s most beautiful environments, from the ocean to the rainforest to the mountains. This one is bone-chilling and explains a part of the nightlife that we’ve never seen before. 

5. Chasing Coral 

Featuring 500+ hours of underwater film shot over a three-year period, the documentary Chasing Coral examines the disastrous impacts of coral bleaching on these massive reefs, which shelter an abundance of marine life. More than 30 nations contributed coral bleaching footage for the video, and more than 500 people helped make it a reality by supporting it financially and by volunteering their time. With its depiction of the consequences of coral reef destruction, Chasing Corals is making a statement and advocating action. This is one of the best documentaries on Netflix with such mammoth contributions by people and nations altogether and you must use a VPN to unblock movies online and watch this. 

6. Birders 

Birders on Netflix is a must-see if you’re a bird enthusiast. Conservationists and bird watchers devote their lives to these amazing species, as shown in this nature documentary. Bird watchers on both sides of the border discuss ways to maintain and preserve some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful bird species.

7. Absurd Planet 

Over 8.7 million animal species and nearly twice as many bug species populate our globe, therefore the creatures that inhabit it comes in various forms and sizes. Absurd Planet tells the stories of the planet’s oddest residents through the voice of “Mother Nature.” As a result, it’s an excellent choice for movie evenings with the kids or for family gatherings.

8. 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia 

Some creatures aren’t that cuddly or adorable. Seventy-Two Dangerous Animals: Asia explores the region’s most lethal predators, both on land and in the sea. You don’t want to meddle with these animals because they’ve all had bad experiences with humans. This is one of the best documentaries on Netflix and aims to show you the dangerous side of wildlife. 

9. National Parks Adventure 

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many people are putting off visiting all of the country’s National Parks. Fortunately, Netflix’s National Parks Adventure allows you to see all of the stunning vistas of the parks even if they aren’t in person. In this documentary, narrated by Robert Redford, the beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and animals of the United States’ national parks are explored. What’s the most exciting part? There’s no need to get your feet dirty—the breathtaking vistas may be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch.