The Cockapoo: Is it the Right Dog for You?

Choosing a dog is not an easy task. There are many different factors to consider. How much space you have, for example, may determine the breed you choose. An Irish Wolfhound in a small apartment is not going to work, for example! Then there is the temperament of the breed, how it will be with children, and the amount of time you will need to devote to your new pet. 

One breed that is proving popular both with families and single people is the cockapoo. A cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, these charming, friendly, and attractive dogs are a sensible size for any home and make great pets. But – and here it is – they may not be suitable for you. Let’s look at who is the right person to be a cockapoo owner. 

Are You an Active Person?

There is a reason that cockapoos often appear on lists of the best family dog breeds. They are pretty, loyal, and great with children. But if you are not someone who is active and enjoys long walks, the cockapoo is not a dog for you. Being an intelligent and energetic breed, the cockapoo loves attention and needs exercise. Whether this playing in the garden or going out for a walk, your cockapoo is going to demand plenty of both. If long walks are your thing, then this is a perfect choice of dog.

Bear in mind that cockapoo will bond strongly with the owner and will display its loyalty when strangers are around. It will bark, so strong training is needed in this area. And that takes time, which brings us to our next question. 

Do You Have Plenty of Spare Time? 

The cockapoo is a breed that needs you to engage with it regularly, and often. These bright and inquisitive dogs will ask for your attention and will do so often! If you lead a life where every hour is taken up by work or other, then the cockapoo will not be a great choice.

However, as you’re reading this you are clearly interested in getting a dog, and everyone knows that dogs need a lot of human interaction, right? You need to be prepared to spend long hours in training the dog in the early days, and then put time aside to spend playing with the dog throughout its life. This, after all, is what owning a dog is all about, and the cockapoo promises a great deal of pleasure, fun, and enjoyment throughout. 

Would the Dog Be Left Alone for Long Periods? 

If the answer to the above question is yes, then the cockapoo is not the dog for you. The breed is prone to separation anxiety and easily becomes bored. Left alone for several hours, it may well develop destructive tendencies because of this. If your home is almost constantly occupied then you have the perfect canine companion, one which will always be by your side.

A well-trained cockapoo will endure a couple of hours apart but be aware that these are sensitive dogs with above-average intelligence that will quickly become bored and seek something to do – usually something you don’t want to come home to!


We strongly recommend you do more research on cockapoos and other dog breeds before you make a choice. Too many dogs are taken on by people and homes that are not suited to them. Once you have ticked all the boxes and are sure you can give a cockapoo the attention and put the hours in that it needs, you’ll have a loving companion by your side.