Male pet or Female Pet? What is Right for me? (Read Before You Decide)

Did you know that every feeling you go through, is more or less related to the situations you go through in your life? One big example of this is the feeling of loneliness. It has been observed and surveyed that this feeling can be associated with Alzheimer’s and other negative effects on the mind and body and some sign will tell you really need a pet. you will be amazed to know that almost 36% chances of falling into this trap have been successfully avoided by people who own pets!

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Having a furry friend around you can not only help you avoid these situations of loneliness and extreme frustration, but it also protects your heart and is a great stress reliever for the body and mind. Now that we have probed you enough to own a pet, aren’t you already confused as to which gender or which breed of pet to have? Wait! Wait! Hold on, before you even move further, aren’t you tossing between the wide furry animals that you can choose from?

Male Pet or Female Pet? What is Right For Me?

(Read Before You Decide)
Choose A Dog Or A Cat… Why?
Simple Reasons

  • They are the friendliest pets.
  • There are abundant how – to – take care of them tips and tricks rolling over.
  • They are not high maintenance. All they need is the right food, a nice cozy place to sleep and a large space to roll over the day
    Of course, the last and the best reason, who does not love dogs and cats?

Happy dancing already, because you have successfully convinced your S/O to have a dog or a cat as a pet? Not bad, well done! But I know, your discussion is just not going to end there, because you both must be arguing about the gender of the pet! Nothing new peeps, don’t worry! That is why we have it explained here… In the next 20 minutes, you will be able to make up your mind clearly – a male pet or a female pet!

For Dogs

Choose The Gender Based On Your Family Size
You may find it strange to relate your family size to the gender of the dog! This is the first point to ponder because studies have proven that unneutered male dogs are prone to attack small children. That is why, it is suggested that you opt for female dogs if you have small children, or are planning to have kids soon or you can take help of some guidelines how to train your dog when you have kids at home.

The Gender Depends On The Breed
Every breed is different and in the breed, genders behave differently. Female dogs of a particular breed behave differently from a different breed. So, it is always better than you first decide on the breed of the dog and then select the gender.

Select The Gender Based On Your Availability Of Taking Care Of Them
Unspayed female dogs have a lot of heating during particular seasons of a year. Symptoms to know your dog on heat helps you to deal with the situation. During this time, they may tend to create a lot of mess, and you will have to be prepared to clean it up all the time. That’s why it is suggested that you look at your schedules before you are able to decide on the gender.

Consider Your Neighbourhood Too
Male Shetland Sheepdogs are outgoing and friendly. They wish to be out in the open for a long time. On the other hand, a female Rottweiler is shy in nature and difficult to please. Some information about rottweiler dog breed really helps you to judge their nature. So, if you think your neighbors are a little snoopy, you will have to choose the gender based on that.
A General Tip: Male Dogs tend to be more temperamental and can be quite annoying. Also, they may have constant pursuits to activities like leg lifting, sex and territory protection. So, take your pick accordingly.

For Cats

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Choose The Gender Based On Your Need For A Cat
Male cats are more affectionate than female ones. Female cats like more independence and they may not prefer to just lie down all day long. So, if you are looking forward to a cat therapy where your cat will love your cuddling all day long, then you would want to have a male cat.

Consider Your House Dynamics
Do you have neighbors who already have their own pets? If so, then you would want to own a female cat as they tend to be more adaptable and friendlier or take help of important tips for raising a friendly cat. On the other hand, male cats are more territory based. So, consider these house dynamics before you are able to decide on the gender.

Can You Take Care Of The Cat Full Time?
The heat cycle for female cats may begin few month earlier until she actually starts carrying a baby in her belly. While this happens, the cat will begin to call out during all hours of the day and may require special attention. Are you up to begin taking care of the female cat full time during such cycles? Choose your gender based on your availability to take care of the cat!

Owning a pet is also a full-time responsibility that you take up! You just cannot have a pet and NOT take care of them… So, plan accordingly and adopt a pet only if you have the time, patience and resources to maintain the pet!