Top Tips for Holiday Travel With Your Pet

Going on a road trip is a great way to see the country and experience places that you may have never even heard of. Instead of leaving your pets at home or in a kennel why not take them with you? It could create a lot of sweet memories, plus you will not miss them since they are there. However, there are a few tips to make your road trip with your pet fun and safe. These top tips will surely help keep everything running smoothly.

  1.    Planning

Did you know that 19% of dog owners take their pets on holidays with them? This is why planning can be essential when traveling for a few days with a pet by car, whether you’re traveling from your small, affordable apartment in Chicago to another country, or from a suburban Los Angeles home to a coastal getaway. You would need to book places to stay that are pet-friendly as well as affordable. Remember your pet cannot stay in the car overnight.

Another thing you will need to organize is how to travel with your pet since they cannot be running around the back and front seat while you are driving. Therefore, depending on the size of your pet, make sure that you have either a safety harness that can be placed in the middle of the backseat clipped into the seat belt or a pet carrier that is fastened.

And, as tempting as it may be, The Pets Advisors advise to not let your pet ride up front in your lap or let your dog stick their heads out the window especial if you are driving fast and could be required to stop quickly. You may also want to invest in pet insurance in case of emergency as well as keep a list of vets in the areas that you will be passing through.  

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  1.    Packing

Packing is what makes or breaks any trip and now you have to keep your pet in mind as you get ready for the road ahead. There is a list of things you should have to keep your pet happy and yourself sane. Make sure that you have their food inside resealable bags since not all the places could have what your pet eats and you do not want them to go hungry. About three days’ worth of dry food should do it.

Also pack a few of their toys, a water bowl, bags for their droppings, their medical records and a basic first aid kit (you can never be too careful), their medicine, treats, bedding, an extra leash, waterproof tarps to protect you and your pet from elements and to keep things a bit cleaner, and make sure that they have identification tags on their collars as well as that you have spares on you. An old towel and wet wipes can also be an advantage for the road trip. Plus, having bottles of water in the car could not hurt them (or you) either.

road trip with pet

  1.    Breaks

While driving it could be tempting to go ‘just a bit further’ every time but keep in mind that you are not traveling alone, you have a passenger who also needs to go to the bathroom and stretch their four legs. Plus, they can get hungry and thirsty and most of them have not learned how to drink water in a traveling car.

When you do stop for dinner or lunch aim for pet-friendly restaurants and keep your pet on a leash as not to disturb the other patrons.  However, it would be advised that if you have a dog with you, you should take them for a quick 30 minutes’ walk before they eat to calm them down.

However, keep them on a leash because many pets tend to go missing quickly in unknown areas. There is a lost pet website to help you find them (if it does happen), but best is to avoid it. Other than that having breaks can give you and your pet a chance to see the sites and even tire them out.

  1.    Leading by Example

This final tip is more about showing respect to the people around you as well as how well-behaved your pet is. When you are checking in at the places you and your pets will be staying the night, have your pet sit down by your legs, and keep them on a leash. Follow the rules for pets while and try and leave a tip at the place you are staying if you have a shedding animal since cleaning after them can be a bit of a challenge. Try to keep your pet quiet and near you while in a restaurant or café.


Holidays are a great time to travel with your pets. It can be a great experience for you and for them but make sure that you are prepared for the long trip ahead. You want to have fun with them but also keep them and yourself safe.

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