40 Ultimate Foo Dog Tattoo Designs

The Foo Dog is an important feature of the Chinese heritage. Though called the Foo dog they are actually closer in resemblance to a primitive version of Lions. They came into being as a symbol of protection way back in the Han Dynasty. Though they were seen for a while they vanished to reappear in the Tang Dynasty era once again in 618 to 917 AD.

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Though not indigenous to China, lions are considered to protectors of the Buddhist people. Since Buddha was known as “FO” or “FU” these lions were known as “Dogs of Fu” which later on became Foo dog. In the tattoo world people like to get this tattoo due to its deep mystical significance as well as the powerful visual they create. Normally the Fu dogs are shown in a pair with one female and a male. The male Fu dog can be seen holding a globe under the right paw showing that he has complete control over his area and he is there to protect. The Female of the Fu dog couple will be shown with a small cub under her left paw showing her feminine and maternal side.
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The foo dog is supposed to be not only a symbol of protection as they are imperial guardian lions but also a symbol of immense wealth and prosperity. All these qualities are immensely desirable when it comes to body arts like tattoo. Some people may like to pay homage to their Chinese heritage by getting Foo dog tattoo. Some people may believe that having a Foo dog tattoo will bring them luck and good times.

No matter what your motivation for a Foo dog tattoo is, the one thing you can be sure of is that it is a tattoo design that is good looking and full of deeper meanings.

Foo Dog Tattoo Designs

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When you look at foo dog tattoo designs the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of lion and you cannot be blamed for thinking of foo dogs as looking like lions. However, the thing is, foo dogs are not just about the look, it is also about foo dog meaning which has deeper connotations. When you know about the foo dog meaning, you will realize that the tattoo is not just about an interesting foo dog tattoo design but it is also about the deeper meaning behind this tattoo design. The next time you look at foo dog tattoo designs, and then keep in mind the origin and historical importance of this design.

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