15 Weird But Fascinating Animal Cross Breeds

In the animal world many strange things have happened and one of the things that looks and sounds weird is the cross breeds. Sometimes happening spontaneously in nature and sometimes carried out deliberately, these are interesting and fascinating. Here we will give you images and descriptions of some really weird and fascinating hybrid animals:

  • Liger – Born of a lion and a tigress, this animal tends to be larger than both the species. But like many hybrid animals they tend to have low immunity and tend to face many health problems. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Zorse – Is one of the Zebroids which is the name given to hybrids of zebras in general. A Zorse is the result of breeding a horse with a zebra. They can be really feisty and more difficult to control than horses. zorse4
  • Grolar bear – These are a cross between a grizzly bear and its fairer cousin, the polar bear. Though the possibility of these species meeting to mate is rare, some of these have been sighted in the wild. Grolar bear
  • Wholphin: This one is a cross between the cute dolphin and the killer whale. Some of these have been spotted in the wild too. Wholphin
  • Coydog: A cross between the dog and the female coyote, this one does not happen naturally. coyote