YETI Dog Bowl Review: Yay or Nay?

Are you sick of having to replace your dog’s bowl every time it gets out of place, spilling contents, or hacked to bits?

Of all the dog bowls you bought, how much more does it take to get you investing in something much better?

In this YETI dog bowl review, we’ll take a closer look at the Boomer 8, its essential features, and its several variations.

About YETI

Dog bowls are just a tiny portion of YETI’s vast array of products.

Initially, the company only made high-quality coolers for the great outdoors and whatever purposes they may serve.

Today, it is a prominent manufacturer of rigid cooler boxes, soft coolers, insulated drinkware, different types of bags, outdoor gear, and apparel.

Since dogs are excellent outdoorsy companions, YETI saw it fitting to include them in their product development projects.

So far, the brand produces a single variation of trailhead dog beds and the Boomer Series dog bowls.

YETI Dog Bowl Review

The YETI Boomer Series comprises the Boomer 4 and the Boomer 8.

Both variations have the same overall design and quality, but the Boomer 8 boasts a larger 64-fluid-ounce capacity.

If the Boomer 8 is too big for your pup, you might enjoy getting the 32-ounce Boomer 4 instead.

At first glance, the Boomer 8 seems to cost a ridiculous amount of money just for a dog bowl.

You’ll probably be more inclined to settle for something decent at a much lower price point.

So, why bother at all?

Who Is This Product For?

As mentioned, the Boomer 8 is an excellent option for making a good investment, especially when your dogs are scruffy eaters.

While its price may be a turn-off, it has exceptional quality that more than makes up for the cost.

If you hate purchasing dog bowls sooner than intended, you might be surprised at how the Boomer 8 can work for you.

Otherwise, if money is not a problem and you want a top-notch feeder for your dog, the Boomer 8 is a premium choice.

YETI explicitly designed this dog bowl to handle highly active dogs and extreme weather conditions, with its streamlined features and whatnot.

What’s Included?

You get free returns and a five-year warranty with any US-based purchase of a Boomer Series dog bowl.

Additionally, you get the color you want since YETI Boomer dog bowls come in a wide variety of color options.

Overview of the Features

The YETI Boomer 8 measures eight inches across and three and a half inches deep. When empty, it weighs 1.9 pounds.

Its filling capacity of 64 fluid ounces is equivalent to eight cups of water or about four pounds of food.

  • Dependable and Adventurous

Just like your canine friend, the Boomer 8 is both dependable and adventurous.

Everything YETI makes is exceptionally durable and capable of handling the harshest conditions, and the Boomer dog bowl is no exemption.

Manufactured with an 18-8 stainless-steel double wall, the Boomer resists accidental punctures and eventual corrosion.

However, YETI did not design the Boomer with vacuum insulation like most YETI tumblers or drinkware.

The reasoning behind this is that the wide opening makes insulation counter-intuitive.

Nevertheless, Boomer dog bowls work great in all weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Food-Grade and Dishwasher-Safe

Since 18-8 stainless steel requires little to no maintenance, it is the preferential steel for restaurant, catering, and medical equipment.

Simply put, Boomer dog bowls are food-grade, mainly because they don’t contain bisphenol-A, a harmful chemical typically found in plastics.

While the Boomer 8 is perfect for kibble and water, you can also use it for feeding prime meat cuts to your dog.

Keep in mind that exposure to chlorides such as salt can make 18-8 SS prone to corrosion.

The good thing about this is that giving your dogs minimal salt is beneficial anyway.

Aside from being food-grade, the Boomer 8 is also dishwasher-safe.

Without the vacuum insulation present on some double-walled stainless-steel alternatives, the heat produced by a dishwasher won’t have vacuum seals to break.

Having a dishwasher-safe dog bowl is exceptionally advantageous if you want to reduce the chores of cleaning up after your dog.

  • Non-Slip Ring

YETI also equips the Boomer 8 with its trademarked BearFoot non-slip rubber ring base.

It keeps the bowl secure on a horizontal surface and prevents it from sliding or tipping over, even when a dog enthusiastically eats or drinks.

That said, hyperactive and bigger dogs may be able to move the bowl around a bit, given enough applied force.

Nonetheless, this non-slip base is highly functional on almost any surface, from kitchen tiles and plush carpets to wooden decks and campsite dirt.

  • Long-Lasting Finish

A feature of the Boomer bowls that other brands cannot match is its extensive range of DuraCoat color finishes.

You can choose from black, brick red, coral, olive green, pink, orange, navy blue, aqua, and light blue.

If you want it plain and simple, it also comes in an entirely brushed stainless-steel finish.

YETI designed this finish to last like the stainless-steel bowl itself; it will take excessive abrasion to cause peeling or cracking.

Even with some abrasion, the exterior color is resistant to fading.


  • Extremely well built
  • More durable than plastic alternatives
  • It can last a dog’s lifetime
  • Highly functional non-slip base
  • Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Cleans up easily
  • Modern, attractive look
  • Fantastic colors to choose from


  • Quite expensive for a dog bowl
  • A bit heavy
  • Still prone to scratches and minor dents
  • Not insulated

How To Get the Most Out of It

The Boomer 8 becomes more prone to corrosion with extended exposure to saltwater, chlorides, and salt compounds.

It would be best to wash it with soft water right after every use to make it last much longer than its intended lifespan.

If your water supply system uses a source that produces hard water, you might also want to avoid using a dishwasher connected to that system.

You’re better off washing 18-8 stainless-steel equipment separately and with chloride-free water.


While you may already have decided to purchase the Boomer 8, you might also want to look at some alternatives.

The following products have also proven to be suitable, if not equal, contenders.

1. ROAM Premium Everest Bowl

The ROAM Premium Everest Bowl is another double-walled stainless-steel dog bowl having almost similar features as the YETI Boomer 8.

It can hold 64 fluid ounces, and it comes fitted with an ultra-thick non-slip silicone bottom ring.

With this non-slip ring, ROAM Premium Everest Bowls are meant to be budge-proof and perfect for messy eaters of all sizes.

While it has the same design as the YETI Boomer 8, it boasts vacuum insulation between the inner and outer stainless-steel walls.

With this property, any content will keep its temperature longer.

Furthermore, it costs less than the YETI Boomer 8.

Unlike the Boomer 8, the ROAM Premium Everest Bowl only comes in four color variations.

Its color tags include Oregon Haze, Michigan Autumn, Colorado Nightsky, and Arizona Heartbeat.

Moreover, since it is vacuum-sealed, it is not dishwasher-safe, and running it through a dishwasher can damage the seal.

2. Pup Armor Pup Bowl

The Pup Armor Pup Bowl is your next best bet if you need something even cheaper.

Unlike the YETI Boomer 8, the Pup Armor dog bowl uses 304 stainless steel, usually considered one of the strongest mild steels.

However, like 18-8 stainless steel, 304 SS is also vulnerable to corrosion with much exposure to saltwater.

The Pup Armor Pup Bowl can hold 64 fluid ounces. It also has a thick, non-slip rubber base that prevents sliding, toppling, and spilling.

Aside from being cheaper than our first two options, it is both vacuum-insulated and dishwasher-safe.

For color options, it is only available in black, smoky gray, and white outer finishes.

The pros and cons can sway you over to this product if you give it some thought.

However, based on experience, the YETI Boomer 8 offers better durability overall.

Is the YETI Dog Bowl Any Good?

Similar to what most YETI dog bowl reviews say, the Boomer 8 is definitely an investment if you give the required expenditure some thought.

Nevertheless, purchasing cheaper alternatives that require intermittent replacements is not so much of a bargain in the long run.

It is usually a good move to choose a premium product like the Boomer 8, which you might end up with eventually anyway.