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25 Animals With Really Long Gestation Times

Tapir:  A tapir takes about 13 months to be born into this world, seems like a long time.

: How does a gestation period of 15 months sound? That is how long a walrus takes to deliver the good news.


Zebra:  A zebra takes about 12 to 13 months to be born. One can only assume that the stripes must be taking the extra time

Killer Whale: These Killer whales have a gestation period of 17 to 18 months which means they are pregnant for almost a year and half

: A camel carries its baby for 13 to 14 months. So more than a year with the bump and the hump and then on only the hump

Manatee: Manatees  carry their babies for 12 months and that probably is the reason that they refuse to move faster than they do.


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