How 100 Years of Breeding Changed these Popular Dog Breeds

Finally, we came up with this article in our blog just because we want that every dog lovers should know about the history and present. We humans do really love our dogs but actually, we have made a great destruction to many dog breeds by wrong breeding. From this article, you all will come to know about how years of breeding changed these popular dog breeds. We can assure you that you will feel shame about the human races and what have we done to them. It’s a great hazard and it’s time to stop all the wrong means of breeding.

Years of Breeding Changed these Popular Dog Breeds:

Bull Terrier:

Bull terrier is a very popular breed of dog that has changed over the years due to improper breeding. Though the breeders thought they were trying to make the dog look better but actually led to a great damage. Bull terrier now suffers from a lot of problems like teeth problems and tail problems.

German Shepherd:

German Shepherd was once regarded as a medium sized dog with an average weight of about 55 pounds and now it is considered as a large dog breed. During 1915, German shepherd dogs looked completely different. Now German Shepherds have sloping backs but their ancestors didn’t have it.


This dog has remained as a great example of genetical modification in dogs. The present day pugs have more curves on their body if compared to that time. Just for this suffer from skin problems, breathing problems and heart problem due to breathing troubles.


You will notice that boxers have a pushed in face and that is caused because of breeding. Naturally, this dog breed always had a pushed in face, but now the breeders have tried to push it more to make them look smart. Because of this change, boxers have a shoulder upturned muscle which leads to breathing problems and has a trouble controlling their body temperature.


May years ago, the Salukis looked like a normal dog, but breeding has changed their overall appearance. Now they have extremely long legs and a very wide body. All these changes make the breed prone to heart diseases.


Do you think that dachshunds were born with so tiny legs? Actually no, dachshund’s legs were once proportionate with the body but now their legs are so small that their stomach rubs with the ground. But these forceful changes pushed them into intervertebral disk disease. They also suffer from eye problems and leg problems which are all due to improper breeding.

White Terrier:

Centuries ago, the white terrier was a high functioning and agile dog, but now they are not athletic and they don’t follow its original instincts. So breeding has completely changed the behaviors and personality of the dog.

Bearded Collie:

As we all see the bearded collie with long hairs all over their body, but it was not their original looks. The bearded collie has medium sized hair all over their body which was completely different from now. The long hairs actually made them very famous but they suffer from various types of allergies due to it.

St. Bernard:

The first thing that will come to your mind after listening to this name is their size. Yes, St. Bernard are very big in size but once they were not. As you have heard that they were used to rescue the tigers in the mountains, they were much smaller in size. This led to various types of eyelid problems and spinal cord problems.

Basset Hound:

Basset hound was short, but not that short as they are today. Today the basset hound have droopy eyes, but once it was not. The most interesting thing about basset hound today is their long hanging ears but once the ears were not so big. So these are all very serious changes that led them to spinal problems, eye problems, and dermatitis.

English Bulldog:

Centuries of breeding changed this beautiful dog larger than their ancestors. This made them one of the most unhealthy breeds of dog. The average life expectancy also decreased a lot to about 6 years. The change was only done because they looked scary. But making them cute, ruined their life.

Just can you imagine what horrible things humans have done with them for centuries? We have just destroyed all these breeds and made their life tougher. There was no reason to do all these changes and it is really shocking how the years of breeding changed these popular dog breeds. We have done all these things thinking of us and not of them. Share it with everyone so that everyone can have an idea about what has been done with dogs.