25 Amazing Facts Our Animal Friends to Increase Your Knowledge

9. A cat has as many as 32 muscles in its ear which probably warrants for their extraordinary hearing abilities.

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10. Did you know that the koala bear exists on a diet of mostly eucalyptus leaves?

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11. Elephants have the extraordinary talent to sniff out water from as much as three miles distance and also happen to be one of only .three mammals that have menopause. The other two being the human female and the humpback whale.


12. Did you know that the ants beat the humans in terms of population? There are as many as one million ants for every human being on this earth. We should be scared of them as they not only outnumber us, but they have no lungs and they never fall asleep.

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13. Did you know that the teeth of a beaver never stop growing? That is the reason they keep gnawing on things to keep the teeth at a level that is manageable.

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14. Though butterflies have two compound eyes with lenses in the thousands they can only see green, yellow and red.

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15. Oysters have the extraordinary ability to transform into either sex depending what work when they are about to mate.

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16. A snail has the most extraordinary ability to grow an eye if it happens to lose one.

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