25 Amazing Facts Our Animal Friends to Increase Your Knowledge

17. Giraffes have blue/back tongue and have no vocal cords at all.

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18. In turtles, the gender is determined by the noise they make ; the females hiss and the males grunt.

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19. Did you know that squirrels are the original environmentalists as they are responsible for the planting of so many trees. It may be accidental, but they do bury the nuts and forget about it, which causes a tree to come.

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20. Like we humans have one of a type fingerprint, dogs have a unique nose print.

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21. The loudest creature in the world is the Humpback whale.

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22. The seahorse is the slowest of the fishes that moves at a really slow speed of 0.02 mile per hour.

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23. The so called French poodle actually is from Germany.

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24. Pigs are known to keep in touch with each other about many things from wooing to saying that they are hungry though as many as 20 vocalizations.

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25. Hummingbirds are the only known birds that have the ability to fly backwards and their wings can flutter as many as 80 times during each second.

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