Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Are bananas healthy for consumption? Yes, indeed. They contain immense proteins and sugars that are required by the human body. Not to mention, they are incredibly delicious. If you own a pet cat, should you share bananas with them? This is when you may ask yourself, can cats eat bananas safely?


Can cats eat bananas?

Yes, bananas are safe for cats. You are free to feed your cat with bananas, however, in a moderate amount. The reason is this fruit contains a good amount of sugar, which isn’t good for cats. It can be tough for cats to digest excessive amounts of sugar. Perhaps, a few nibbles are fine, but not more than that. Regular consumption of bananas can cause an increase in blood sugar levels that can cause obesity. In the long run, it may also cause diabetes in cats. 

You certainly do not want your cat to get diabetes. Cats can consume bananas in limited amounts. Some people foods are actually good for your cat. But, how will you know what amount is safe and unsafe for them? 

Cats are quite allergic to certain food items. While some cats gradually become immune to it. However, some cats can become ill and may require medical attention. Bananas are not harmful to cats but contain a high amount of sugar that can be harmful to cats. 

A pet cat needs a proper diet to be able to grow in the right manner. Cats need protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, taurine, and fats. If you take a look at the cat food, they come with less of everything when compared to humans and even dogs. 

Just because your pet is looking at you curiously when you are having a banana, it does not mean he is pleading for some. As you know, cats are curious about everything. When you feed your pet with high-quality food, the need to provide it with other food items won’t be necessary. 

Are bananas healthy for cats?

Banana’s are not poison for cats; however, bananas do not necessarily provide nourishment to your feline friend. As it is, they contain sugar, and it is not very useful for your cat. The body system of a cat is less-friendly to sugar digestion; hence, sugar builds up in your cat, causing health issues such as obesity and diabetes. 

Bananas are not toxic or allergic to cats. Cats require very little fiber in their daily diet, which the bananas can offer, yet they do not provide an actual diet for them. The digestive system of cats is more sensitive than other animals. You must be careful about the food you give your feline. 

The cats, however, may turn away from bananas as some of them may not like the smell or taste of bananas. According to the studies, cats love licking and consuming frozen banana treats. You must try this idea at home to check if it’s true in your case. You may have to avoid giving your cats bananas not because they are toxic, but because your beloved may turn away from it. 

cat scared of banana

Are Cats Afraid Of Bananas?

This is an interesting question! If you look at videos, you can find cats getting extremely frightened of bananas. Is there any reason for it? Yes, there are a few. 

  • The shock of suddenly having to see the banana right in their faces makes them afraid.
  • The odor of a ripe banana can cause them to be put off. At times, even humans are put off with ripening fruits like guava and others that are pungent. 
  • Though a banana gives out a pleasant smell for humans, the same may not be for cats. That is because animals have sensitive smell and hearing. Hence, they can get put off easily by smell and odor of certain fruits like bananas. 
  • The same can be said about frozen fruits. Some cats may like the smell, while some may not. Depending on the curiosity of your cat, it may or may not run away. 

Not all cats are the same; there is no reason to panic and ponder whether your cat is behaving normally. As long as your cat eats and sleeps fine, there is nothing to be worried about. 

As a responsible owner, you must take your pet to the vet at regular intervals for general check-ups. Of course, you need to ensure that you provide your feline friend with healthy nutrition. A few pieces cut out from one banana occasionally can be a good treat for your feline pet; however, we recommend you not to make it a regular affair. Bananas do not offer any special benefit to cats and may not provide any additional nutrients that cats may require. If they like it, then treat them with bananas or keep away from it.