Know what to Feed your Rabbits

If you have surfed a lot over internet about feeding your rabbit then you also know that there are hardly few useful information that you will get in various destinations. Mostly you will find animal lovers talking about the procedure of feeding cats and dogs. Bunnies are a bit less popular than the canines and felines as pets, so we face these things. But here we can almost assure you that you are going to get very useful information in the whole article about feeding your pet rabbit in home. You may be confused about the food that you should give your rabbit but here we are to solve all your confusions. Just like humans, rabbits also enjoy their meals. But good meal is not only what they enjoy eating but also which is really healthier for them. Read below for awesome information here.

Know what to Feed your Rabbits

Water: We all know that water is a part of our life and we really can’t stay without it. The same thing applies for the animals. Almost every animal face the necessity of water in their life. You should be sure that your rabbit gets fresh water all the time. If you keep your rabbit in a cage at your home, then a small water bottle is a good idea. Also a rabbit can drink water from a bowl, so you can keep fresh water in a bowl inside their cage.

Know what to Feed your Pet Rabbit 1

Vegetables: Green vegetables should be a part of your rabbit’s regular diet. When you give them the vegetables remember that it is free from pesticides and in a fresh condition. The easiest way to remove the pesticides from the vegetables is to wash them thoroughly. Some people feed their rabbits with leaves of the house plants but it is not fair at all as some plants are really harmful for the rabbits. Here is a list of some plants that the rabbits really enjoy.

Carrot tops


Broccoli leaves






Mustard greens


Know what to Feed your Pet Rabbit 2

Pellets: Pellets are also a good option for feeding your pet rabbits. When you are buying them, see that they are completely fresh. If you want to know about more nutritional needs then remember you should only buy the pellets that are high in fiber and low in protein. Just as the age increases you will also have to limit your rabbit’s diet. Actually the pellets that are high in protein mainly lead to obesity and other various health issues which can lead to sudden cardiac failure. Also don’t feed them the pellets which are mixed with treats as because it is not good for the rabbits and may cause severe digestive problems.

Know what to Feed your Pet Rabbit 3

Hay: Fresh hay is one of the most favorite foods of rabbits. They will love to have them anytime and so you will have to keep them readily available in your home. All type of hay doesn’t work and you will have to know which hays are really healthier for your pet rabbit. Adult rabbits can be provided with oat hays, grass and timothy, while the younger ones should be fed with alfalfa. Remember this alfalfa is only for the younger ones and can’t be used to feed the adult ones as it contains high protein and sugar content. Hay is almost very necessary for rabbits as it provides essential fiber needed to them. Hays are also good for rabbit’s dental health. But after all remember that your hay should be completely fresh and not the brown one.

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Treats: Like all other animals, rabbits also need treat for some time. Every being in this earth loves to have treat and so the rabbits. But the treats should only be given occasionally to the rabbits. Remember not to feed your rabbit with items rich in carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cookies, chips or cereal. Chocolates are also very toxic for rabbits so never give them chocolates in their treat. So we always suggest giving fruits as treats to the rabbits. This is probably the best option. Organic foods that are free from pesticides are best for rabbits and if you are thinking of any vegetables, remember to wash it nicely before including it in the diet. Here is a list of fruits that rabbits really enjoy a lot in their treats.





Apples (without seeds)

Know what to Feed your Pet Rabbit 5

Rabbits are really very beautiful as pets and hence it is really very interesting to keep a rabbit in home. If you
already have one, then probably you don’t have any confusion regarding their diet and feeding process. Too keep
your bunny healthy and fit all the time, takes them to the veterinarians regularly for check-ups and any health related problems. Lastly we always want that you stay happily with your pet and spend a good time.