Best Dog Car Seat Cover for Leather Seats of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

As they say, having a dog is like having a child of your own. While this may be true in love and family, it somewhat has a connection with the care they require. Getting the best dog car seat cover for leather seats can spare you the headache and stress.

Pets can behave like kids, and the last thing you need is a car with dog hair, barf, or pee. While you can train them not to make a mess of your vehicle when you travel, the risks are still there.

But what makes a great dog seat cover? Let’s find out.

Best Dog Car Seat Cover for Leather Seats: A Review

1. Lucky Tail Lucky Dog Car Seat Cover

Lucky Tail started by creating innovative products centered on providing solutions for pet owners. The Lucky Dog Car Seat Cover is among their top-selling products, mainly because they made it with top-quality materials. It has a design that can keep your pets comfortable while enjoying a mess-free ride and protecting your seat covers.

Product Highlights

A primary selling point of this brand is its promise of quality. The Lucky Seat Cover features an anti-scratch 600D polyester with anti-skip plastic particles. It is the science behind unwavering protection from leaks and mess.

Its material is also 100% waterproof which means your leather seat covers are safe from spills, pee, mud, or any other fluid.

In terms of securing the Lucky Seat Dog Car Cover, snap buckles, seat anchors, and Velcro openings are available. These allow easy installation as you can have this working by snapping the buckles at the back of your seats and securing the anchors. It also has velcro openings to ensure you can still use your seat belts during the ride. 

It features two pockets where you can place your pet’s essentials throughout the trip. Alongside this is a visual mesh window that lets your dog see you during the ride. 

This feature eases your dog’s anxiety while sitting far from you and on the road. Your dog also gets to enjoy air conditioning or fresh air that comes through these nets. 

What We Like Most

The concept of having your dog feel comfortable during a ride is made possible by this dog car seat cover. The Lucky Seat’s design also has convertible side flaps, making coming in and out of the car easier. 

Moreover, these flaps provide extra protection for the car seat leather cover and door. Other than that, we can say that the breathability and added ease brought by the visual mesh window is priceless.

What We Don’t Like

While this dog car seat cover offers a lot of protection for the car and comfort for dogs, the whole unit can be bulky. The flaps are advantageous too but may be frustrating to deal with from time to time if you have more passengers in the back.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Reduces anxiety in dogs
  • Can store essentials
  • Added protection for other car parts
  • Waterproof and durable material quality


  • May be a handful to set up and maneuver
  • Can be bulky to carry

2. Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover

best dog car seat cover for leather seats

Active Pets’ standard dog car seat cover is a game-changer because of its universal application. It means you can use it from the most miniature cars to big SUVs. 

What’s great about it? It can house dogs of different breeds and sizes.

Product Highlights

An excellent feature to start with is its four-layer structure. It has Oxford 600D, PP cotton, Oxford 210D, and PVC layers with waterproof coating.

Since dogs will shed hair, drool, and bring in dirt or mud in the car, this makes cleaning a breeze. Even if it gets filled with food, hair, and dirt everywhere, the material is easy to clean and vacuum.

If you happen to have big dogs, this guarantees secured attachments too. It has four heavy-duty headrest anchors and two seat anchors to keep the cover in place.

Regardless of how bumpy the ride or how active your dog is, you can be sure of a cover held in place. It also features a design that caters to all types of cars and dogs.

What We Like Most

If there’s one thing to love, it would be the overall quality of the design. The four layers, sturdy anchors, and waterproof coating gives peace of mind that your leather seats will remain uncompromised.

The design also features a soft and comfortable place for your pet. There’s also no need to worry about getting the right size because they made it universal.

What We Don’t Like

The overall look and feel of the dog car seat cover are stylish and elegant. However, seeing the straps up close may not be as heavy-duty as claimed.

Technically, this isn’t ideal for large, rowdy dogs that may continuously strain the attachments. While the quality is excellent for handling dirt, mud, hair, and other mess, it’s quite a handful to clean as a whole.


  • Stylish and elegant
  • Excellent protection for cars
  • Fits different car models
  • Breathable


  • Hard to clean as a whole
  • Attachments or straps may break over time

3. Active Pets XL Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window

Another innovative product by Active Pets, this dog car seat cover with mesh window is divine. Imagine an elegant-looking cover that offers function and comfort. It is what you’re bound to get when you purchase this extra-large dog hammock and seat cover.

Product Highlights

First of all, this comes in an extra-large size to fit full-size trucks and large SUVs. It’s great that it is made with four layers of protection.

It has an Oxford 600D, PP Cotton, Oxford 210D, and a non-slip rubber backing. These layers come with a PU waterproof coating that can protect your seats from mud, urine, spills, and other forms of fluid.

In addition to this, it has a mesh window that contributes to breathability and comfort for your dog. It works great in keeping them relaxed throughout the ride.

Beside it are pockets for storing your dog’s essentials. Carrying them around or separately can be challenging, but its accessible pockets solve this problem. It also has rugged zippers and adjustable clips for secure and versatile use.

The Velcro openings in the design also allow you to be safe as you ride with your pets. And if in case you’re worrying, it also has an anti-slip bottom to prevent sliding while in use.

What We Like Most

Apart from its elegant look, the part where you can use this in a hammock, bench, or cargo orientation is priceless. The versatility in use while still securing safety for you and your dog raises its value.

Plus, the mesh window helps stabilize your dog’s mood and anxiety throughout the trip. 

They designed this for large cars, which are usually hard to find as most covers only cater to standard sizes. The quality and overall make of the dog car seat cover are also sturdy and reliable.

What We Don’t Like

Though they used top-quality materials for the dog car seat cover’s body, it doesn’t make up for the fragile attachments and clasps. Since it has a design for trucks and SUVs, the size limitations hinder it from being used in other cars.

Over time, the top fabric can be prone to deterioration and vulnerability to holes. 


  • Can be used in various settings
  • Provides storage
  • Ample protection from water
  • Doesn’t easily slide when in use
  • Fits large cars and trucks


  • Doesn’t fit small or average-sized cars
  • Not so sturdy clasps and attachments

4. URPOWER Large Car Seat Cover

The brand URPOWER takes pride in this large dog seat cover because of the excellent craftsmanship poured into the design. It boasts premium materials that make up a cover that you can take anywhere.

Product Highlights

The URPOWER model is a large-sized car dog seat that measures 60 inches by 24 inches. They made this to protect the entire back seat while providing ample comfort to dogs.

This sports a hammock design with side flaps. It facilitates your pets’ more accessible entry and exit while protecting car doors from scratches and mess.

It is made of rugged Oxford fabric and a PP cotton mat. These materials are waterproof and made to endure impact, strains, and fluids without causing damage to your car seat.

You can also expect non-slip seat surfaces to prevent slips during a ride. You can also rely on its anchors and built-in Velcro openings to facilitate safety for you and your dog.

This dog car seat cover also has snaps and buckle straps with a quick-release mechanism to save time and energy during installation.

What We Like Most

The treat about this model is that it features a style that benefits you, your pet, and your car. Its materials can endure strains and movements while preventing awkward sliding during the ride.

On top of this, you also get high-quality material that protects your seat cover from water, scratches, bites, and mess. A treat would be that its quick-release clips and snaps make it easy to install and clean. 

What We Don’t Like

URPPOWER’s large dog seat cover guarantees convenience, protection, and comfort. However, it would’ve been nice if it could fit small to average-sized cars as well.

Since this can only cater to large vehicles, its flexibility in different cars is limited. Its water-resistant materials cannot act against huge water bursts or spills.


  • Great for large cars
  • Added car protection
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Stays put even in rough rides
  • Can handle different kinds of mess


  • Limited use to large cars
  • Average water-resistant qualities

5. Vailge XL Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh

This dog car seat cover is among Vailde’s top sellers because of its premium make and quality. It fits limousines, family cars, SUVs, and trucks.

The model is proven to provide ample protection for car leather seats.

Product Highlights

This quilted dog backseat hammock by Vailge has a classic design. Its TPU material and water-resistant 600D Oxford can keep your seats clean and dry. It also sports a hammock design with removable side flaps to make it easier for your dog to enter and exit the vehicle.

This pet accessory has four headrest straps, a non-slip backing, and two mechanisms attached to the seat to keep it in place. Its mesh window also gives way to giving your dog some fresh air during the ride. It also allows them to see you as you drive, decreasing anxiety levels.

What We Like Most

Since extra large dog car seat covers are hard to find, it helps that you can easily purchase this online or in stores. This model uses excellent material for protection against scratches and harsh dog movements in the car.

Plus, its surface protects your car covers from mud, dirt, feces, urine, or any other fluid.

In terms of dog behavior, you can expect to see the best because the mesh window helps relieve their anxiety. It gives them fresh air to breathe and shows a vision of you, reassuring them that they are safe.

As for rough rides, you can count on this to stay steady because of its non-skid elements.

What We Don’t Like

The dog car seat cover’s size is excellent, except for those with smaller vehicles. Its measurements limit the flexibility of using it on multiple cars.

Another point is that big and rowdy dogs can mess it up with rough movements over time. The durability isn’t too promising for frequent and long-term use.


  • Helps with easing anxiety in dogs
  • Excellent protection from stains and mud
  • Can endure scratches, bites, and rough movements
  • Fits large-sized cars and SUVs
  • Ease in entry and exit


  • Not for smaller vehicles
  • Can deteriorate over time

How To Choose a Dog Car Seat Cover for Leather Seats

Traveling is fun but doing it with dogs is a whole new adventure. Taking them out for a ride is an exciting journey, but it does come with its downsides.

Apart from the time you spend cleaning up, there are also moments of being scared of the damage they can do to your car. Car dog seat covers exist for these reasons.

Fortunately, they have added many other cool features to address common frustrating incidents while driving with pets. If you want to get one for your furry travel companion, make sure to look at these pointers below.

Style and Orientation

Dog car seat covers are now designed to fit different car types and sizes. Moreover, they have features that allow you to choose between different ways to use them.

You can choose one with a hammock, bench, or cargo orientation. Determine the areas you want to protect and get one that covers and secures it throughout the ride.


While many universal dog car seat covers are available in the market, knowing the size you need matters. It is ideal for getting one that perfectly fits the structure of your car.

Determine whether you plan to use it for one or multiple vehicles to get your money’s worth. If you plan to use it on one car, get a size that perfectly fits it.

However, a universal size is recommended if you plan to switch cars.

Material and Attachments

Make it a habit to check the material used for the body and its attachments. What good is a high-quality body if the attachments can’t take the weight or stress when you’re using the item?

Check every detail and make sure all are durable and of good quality. Getting a waterproof cover will work wonders for your trip.

Ease of Cleaning and Installation

You may not think of this while shopping, but getting one that won’t require too much work is vital.

Check out the installation procedure and cleaning methods available for the product. Its materials and attachments should be easy to set up and collapse if you need them for cleaning or transfers.

FAQs, About Dog Car Seat Cover

1. Is using a dog seat cover safe?

Heavy-duty, pet-proof protection is the primary emphasis of a dog seat cover. Waterproofing techniques, along with resilient fabric, keep dogs from destroying car seats and upholstery.

Many are designed in the shape of a hammock, allowing you to contain your pet safely in the backseat.

2. How do I ease dog anxiety during a car trip?

You can ease your dog’s anxiety by making them feel secure in the car by using a dog seat cover. You can get one with a hammock orientation as it transforms the rear seat into a crate-like environment. It provides ample space for them to stretch out or lie down comfortably.

3. Can you clean a dog car seat cover when in use?

Yes. As long as the mess isn’t too overwhelming, you can use a moist cloth or a vacuum cleaner. You can also wash it with water and leave it out to dry completely.

Which Dog Car Seat Cover for Leather Seat Should You Choose?

The search for the best dog car seat cover for leather seats is challenging. But after a comprehensive review of the top brands in the market, we are down to a winner.

The Lucky Tail Lucky Seat Dog Car Seat Cover wins because of its premium quality, functionality, and comfort.

However, if you want a less expensive alternative, the Active Pets XL Dog Car Seat Cover with Mesh Window is one to check. It provides almost the same comfort, protection, and convenience for its users.