10 Birds most likely to kill You

Birds are one of the most amazing creatures of nature. Birds are very beautiful; even we keep them as a pet in our home. We have heard of some dangerous animals that kill humans for their hunt. It’s hard to believe that there are some birds which are very dangerous to humans for different purposes. But the quantity of these types of birds is less. Birds are very soft in nature. Very few birds in this world are harmful towards humans. Still there are few birds about which we are going to discuss here today. So know about 10 birds which are most likely to kill humans.

Birds most Likely to Kill you:

Snowy Owl (Injury): It is a big bird mainly found in the Tundra region of Arctic Circle. They can tolerate a temperature up to -50oC. Average size of Snowy Owls is about 18 inches tall with a wing span of about 4 feet and weight ranges about 6 pounds. They are now one of the famous birds in this world because of Harry Potter Series.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you1

Barred Owl (Injury): This is a medium-sized bird, quiet fluffy in nature and most commonly found in the swamp forests of Southern United States. The wingspan of this bird is about 4 feet and the weight ranges from 2.5-3.5 pounds on an average. Most of the time they prefer to target small prey.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you2

Mute Swan (Injury and Death): This species of swan is mainly the native to Eurasia but now they have spread to various parts of the world. They are one of the most aggressive, territorial and probably the largest waterfowl in the world. They mainly nest in ponds, community lakes and other places frequented by humans like most other swans. But while protecting their nest they can be aggressive enough towards humans.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you3

Australian Magpie (Serious Injury and Death): They are regarded as a relative of crows and ravens and are also very closely linked to butcherbird family. The wingspan of this bird is about 3 feet and is said to be one of the most dangerous song bird in this planet. They mainly feed themselves with ground dwelling vertebrates but during their six week nesting season they become very ferocious.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you4

Southern Cassowary (Critical Injury and Death): This bird is a rainforest dwelling member very big in size with an average weight of 160 pounds. They are about 6 feet tall and territorial. They are native to Northwestern Australia and New Guinea. Southern Cassowary also looks very beautiful due to their color combinations. They can injure a human critically if they find any one inside their territory.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you5

Red-Tailed Hawk (Injury): This is one of the most large sized hawk and very familiar. You can find them everywhere in North America and this bird is very common there. The weight of this bird on an average is about 3-4.4 pounds and the size is about 5 feet in wingspan. They mainly make their nest in a tree near open areas. Their nest is mainly spotted in the areas frequented by humans. To defend their nest from humans they can be very aggressive.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you6

Lammergier (Potential for Injury and Death): This bird is also commonly known as “Lamb Vulture” because they feed themselves on lambs. The nature of this bird is very aggressive and their attack power is much powerful. Even it is said that this bird loves the soft marrow inside bones as their treat.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you7

Great Northern Loon (Death and Serious Injury): Loons are one of the most ancient species in this world. Due to various pollution matters, at present the population of loons has decreased a lot. This bird is mainly spotted in the Northern Eurasia and North America. The weight ranges from 8-12 pounds and the main weapon they use to attack is razor sharp, pointed bills.

Great Northern Diver/Common Loon

European Herring Gull (Serious Injury and Death): Gulls are of different species. But the most important thing is that larger species of gull such as European Herring Gull can be highly aggressive in nature. Due to the lack of their food availability these birds have a tendency to grab the food of humans. Their wingspan is about 6 feet and birds can weigh up to 3 pounds on an average.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you9

African Ostrich (Serious Injury and Death): It is the largest bird in this world and probably the only remaining ostrich species in this planet after Arabian Ostrich. They are large in size and weigh about 240 pounds and nearly 7 feet in height. Ostrich also have a high running speed with an average of about 43 miles per hour. There is lot of humans death recorded in history caused due to the attack of ostriches.

10 Birds that are most likely to kill you10