Top 10 British Garden Birds

Sometimes we may espy a bird in our garden and wonder what it is. If you have ever faced such a situation, then this article should help you. Some people have a passion for bird watching and keep sending images of the birds that they have spotted in gardens. This enables the Royal Society for the protection of birds to make and maintain a list of birds that are commonly found in gardens.


Special Thanks to Steev Stamford For this outstanding photograph above. Check More of his work here

Here we give you the list of the ten birds that were most seen in English gardens this year and last. They are listed in the order which shows the one most seen on top and so on. So, in case you can identify the bird you have seen in your garden with one from this list. These birds do make regular visits to bird feed tables and will consume the fat balls, the birdseed mixes and the peanuts. You can also provide them with a special treat with Soft bill mixes. These are adored by robins and blackbirds and the Niger seed is a hit with the goldfinches and the meal worms are something most of them love.

British Garden Birds

    • Blackbird: These are among the most commonly spotted birds in English gardens. The male of these birds are generally a glossy black in color and have orange beaks that make them striking, while the female birds are more of a brown color that is mottled with beaks that are brown and black mix. You can see them in couples scrounging in the grass for worms and insects.