5 Exotic Small Size Pets for Kids

Are you really tensed about finding a suitable pet for your kid? Does your child need an exotic small size pet? You may think that you are in a great trouble, but getting such a pet is not that tough now. Actually, as we people don’t have immense knowledge about exotic pets, all this confusion come in front of us. But to tackle all these situations, you have to read out this article. Yes, we will tell you all about 5 suitable exotic small size pets for kids. Beware, your home is going to be an exotic one very soon.

Exotic Small Size Pets for Kids:

Hedgehog: First of all, we should clear the basic confusion about hedgehogs. They are not rodents nor they are anyone related to porcupines. They come from a totally different family and are called as Erinaceinae. They are very easy to care and can be even cared by your kid. They are actually insectivores and mainly found in wild. But you should know that hedgehogs are not social, and so they are to be housed in an enclosure. They can live up to 7 years having a very small life span and throughout their life, they are bit temperamental. Lastly, they are cute.


Fennec Fox: Though they have a non-domesticated trait, but still you can consider them from a very young age. But you will have to provide them enough space in your house. They can be also kept in cages, but for that, the cage should be obviously spacious. Frankly saying, they are more like cats and also have a similarity in behavior. As cats like to stay independent, the fennec fox also is a very independent animal. But sometimes, they may make some noise. So you should be prepared with all these.


Skunks: Have you ever heard of skunks? It is a very cute animal and has almost similar behavior like the ferrets. They are very active and playful and so you will have to provide them with toys. But the saddest part is that being an exotic pet, keeping a skunk is not legal in all countries of the world. So, first of all, you will have to be aware of that. Provide your skunk, fruits, vegetables and dog foods and they will be happy with that.


Bearded Dragon Lizard: By seeing the image at a glance, you may think it as a very dangerous pet as they look like that, but in reality, they are one of the most gentlest reptiles in the world. They really love to be fondled every time. You will have to keep them in a glass aquarium and they face no problem with your schedule as they are diurnal in nature. They sleep at night and stay awake all through the day. Don’t worry as your children can also play with them easily, but obviously under your supervision. Be ready to be famous with a single selfie with this creature.


Bush Baby: Nothing can be cute that they big round eyes and their way of spotting. This is a tree-dwelling marsupial from Africa and can be kept in houses as pets in a small cage. Though it is always the best to provide them with an open tree branch type area to keep them in less stress, but we know that it is not possible for most of the pet owners nowadays. But it is legal to own them and you can keep them with other cares. They make really good pet and you will also be happy with such a cute animal in your home.


Though most of the time, we prefer keeping dogs and cats at our home, but there are many different animals that can also be good pets. But as we have said earlier, we know very least about them. But if and your family is adventurous and loves to play with exoticism, dog or cats are not the suitable one for you. Go with pets that are unique and not common among the humans. You can also think of a variety of snakes, crocodiles, different types of rodents like chipmunks, Patagonian Cavies, flying squirrels and much more. But as you are keeping them, you will have to know the animal protection laws of your country to know the real legal rules. If you are keeping exotic pets without a permit, you are making a criminal offense. Last of all, as you are bringing them from the wild, your duty is to give them proper care and an environment in which they can spend happy lifestyle.

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