10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas

Cats are always anxious in nature and we know that very well. Being a pet, cats stay inside our home most of the time. But actually cats have very least interest in the indoors. Their mind always thinks of the outdoors but it isn’t possible that they can go outside as we close them up inside the four walls. Sometimes, you will notice that your cat is peeking from the window outside with a lot of attention. You will have to understand that your cat has seen something interesting outside the window and they are thinking about if they can go outside. So a better idea to give your cat a perch near the window, which will help them to get a more relaxing outdoor view from the window. But for that, you will have to make a cat perch at home. Here are some examples of cat perch ideas.

Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas:

Hanging Window basket Cat Perch: Look at this amazing tutorial that will teach you make a beautiful hanging cat perch using a basket. Make it and hang it from the roof. Your cat will automatically jump into it for getting a beautiful sunny view of the nature. l

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 1

Caramel Hanging Cat Perch: Just have a peek into this round shaped tunnel like structure that you can say a cat perch. We have found this is etsy.com and here we have included the link of it. So if you are a DIY lover, you can easily make it with just some items. Your cat will obviously love it.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 2

Legendog Cat Beds: Although it’s not a tutorial, but you will get an idea of the item by viewing its pictures. You can easily make such an item with some basic things if you really have some creative ideas. So maybe you will call it a cat bed or a cat perch whatever may be but don’t miss it out.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 3

Cat Shelf Perch: It’s a beautiful idea that is a bit tough to make, but if you have that crafty mind, you can try it out at home. It costs about 143 dollars but if you make it at home, you will be able to save a lot of money. Just use your crafty skill and DIY experience to work on this beautiful idea, if you can make it, you will be gifting your pet a great thing.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 4

Black Signature Design Hanging Cat Tunnel: You will find a great similarity of this idea with the second one but this one is a bit more handy and light. It looks awesome and is suitable for small sized cats. Just hang it on the wall from a height and give your cat an amazing experience.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 5

Cat Window Perch: Look at this classy window perch suitable for the cats. There’s also a bed in the underneath where your kitty can have a sweet sleep. But the thing is that you will need some wood to make it out. Just think about your creativity and start making this beautiful window perch.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 6

DIY Window Perches: look at this pair of window perches made by Hilary. It seems to be a perfect match for any type of apartments. If you have more than one cat, just follow the idea as shown in this picture. The most interesting thing is that you will be getting a budget friendly thing for your home and pet.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 7

Wooden Window Perch: Making things out of wood is very interesting, as you will gather a lot of experience from it. Here is an awesome wooden window perch idea that you can make easily with some pieces f wood. In addition, it will consume a very less time. So if you have a very less time and you are looking forward to make a simple yet comfortable window perch, you should go for this idea.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 8

House Cat Tree Perch: This is the toughest project among all the ideas in this list. To make this one, you will have to arrange for a tree branch that also a bit tough. But one thing is that if you can make it up inside your home it’s going to change the look of your whole room. It’s also great for room decoration.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 9

DIY Cat Window Perch: Lastly coming up with this article that really simple and brilliant. Do you really love your kitty, and then it’s the best thing you should go with. A perch with a bit of feminine flavor. It really looks very nice and beautiful near your window.

10 Cool Hanging Cat Perch Ideas 10

So what are you still waiting for? Now it’s your turn to make something unique for your lovely pet. Just go on and think about something that is really creative. Yes that’s necessary because putting a thing in your indoors always needs to match with the overall interior. So keep that in mind.