How to Make DIY Cat Tent: 6 Easy Steps

If you really have a beautiful cat at home you may be thinking about a place for him or her where he or she can spend most of their good times. In other words, we can say by fun that as we humans have some sort of privacy in our life, these cats also have some privacy in their life. You will find in the pet corners that there are various types of cat tents available that you can easily buy. But actually it costs much. So if you really want to save your money you will have to make some effort. Here we will be giving a beautiful idea to all of our cat lover readers.

This cat tent tutorial can be easily made by you and we have found it from written by author jessyratfink. Just the moment we have found this amazing tutorial we decided to rewrite it and bring it on our blog. Even you will not need a lot of things to make this one. This will hardly take 10-15 minutes from your busy schedule and you will be getting a brand new cat tent for your pet.


A medium Size T-shirt
A 15×15 inch piece of cardboard
Two wire hangers
Safety pins
Pliers to cut the wire hangers.


1. Firstly you will have to cut the hangers. Cut off the both squiggy ends by using pliers that is mentioned in the materials list. Now shape the hangers in the manner given in the picture. Try to make them smooth and uniform. Actually these two hangers will be used to make two graceful curves that will go from corner to corner from your piece of cardboard. Then you will have to tape all around the cardboard to reinforce it. Tape it nicely so that it looks good. But actually this is only necessary if you are using a cardboard with a crease in it.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 1

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 1a

2. Now next you will have to poke four holes in each corner of the cardboard. You can also use the end of the hanger to do the holes. But before making the hole, be sure that the hole is half inch in from the corner and it’s not too large.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 2

3. Tape the two hangers together in this manner as shown in the picture. Make sure that all the edges touch the surface you are working on. Now tape them really well so they gets strong. Put all the four ends in the four corners through the wholes you made.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 3

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 3a

4. Now put the back of your tent upwards and bend the edges of the hangers at least about an inch so that it sits on the bottom of the cardboard. Tape the ends against the cardboard and remember you should tape it well to make it smooth and nice.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 4

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 4a

5. Now it’s time to check everything that it is straight and lined up. You can use the pliers to straighten the places you think should be done. Now when you see that everything is ok, you proceed to the next step.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 5

6. Now pull the tent frame and position it so that the neck hole is in the front middle and the bottom of the t-shirt is behind the tent frame. Flip the whole thing up so the bottom is facing you and the hole is pointing upwards. Fold the excess t-shirt from the bottom and tighten it up so the neck hole is tight and now safety pin the bottom in place. Pull the sleeves tight on both the sides and pin the bottom in place. You can see in the image as the t-shirt should be too tight to hold your cat inside. Try to make it more and tighter from all sides.

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 6

How to Make DIY Cat Tents 6a

Now you are complete with the project and finally it’s the time you will give this to your cat. Whatever may be, it’s sure that your cat will obviously like it a lot. And you will also be too happy to see your cat rolling inside it. But all the credits goes to the original writer and article at So for further details you can go to this link to have a look at the original content.