Discouraging Breeding Behavior in Birds

Many of us love to have birds as our pet in homes. Birds are very lovable creatures. If you have such bird pet in your home then you should know some information about them. Having some knowledge about your pet is very essential. As an owner it is your responsibility to keep your pet healthy and well. Birds have some discouraging behavior which you will notice in them. One of the main such behavior is laying eggs repeatedly. Remember laying eggs are very stressful for birds. As a result, they face of health issues and malnutrition effects. Actually this problem of repeated egg laying can be controlled by some environmental and behavioral changes. Here we are going to discuss about those changes.

Discouraging Breeding Behavior in Birds:

1. Keep your bird away from other birds: Try to keep your bird alone and separately from other birds, because staying together may be a cause of enthusiasm for laying eggs. Actually keep your bird separately in a different place in your household. Keeping with other birds maybe it’s of different sex or of different species is not a good sign. So for controlling the process of laying eggs the bird should be kept separately.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds1

2. Put your bird early in bed: If your bird sleeps too late this is not a good habit for her. You have to look after the matter that your bird sleeps too early within 5-6 pm in the evening. A long day length triggers egg laying habit in eggs. Actually birds think that it is the summer time when they see long days as a result they prepare themselves for breeding. Keep in mind that birds need complete darkness and silence to sleep.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds2

3. Remove the ‘Most Loved Toys’: Sometimes you will notice that your bird is showing a different behavior with their favorite toys. These behaviors include vent rubbing, tail lifting and food regurgitating. Their loved toys can be anything any small toys, cups, mirrors etc. If you see such behaviors with these types of objects then immediately remove these objects.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds3

4. Provide optimal nutrition and provide full spectrum light: Laying eggs may put your bird in vitamin, protein and calcium deficiency. But the fact is that a bird needs all these things to stay healthy. You will have to look after the diet you are giving to your bird. During breeding season, pelleted diet is recommended and spectrum light is necessary for your bird’s calcium metabolism.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds4

5. Hormone Injections: Hormone injections are given by the veterinarians in some certain cases to control the egg laying habit. When there is excessive egg laying, this injection can really help you out. But the fact is that you will need to consult with a veterinarian before stepping in the injection process.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds5

6. Avoid keeping your bird in dark spaces: Birds always look for dark and enclosed spaces to lay eggs. So you should keep in mind that when you are keeping a bird in your home you should avoid such spaces to keep your birds.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds6

7. Discourage breeding behavior in birds: Always discourage breeding behaviors in your bird. You will see that often birds engage themselves in vent rubbing, tail lifting and regurgitating food. Also avoid petting your birds on her back or under her tail. This can be sexually stimulating process.


8. Change the cage location: Keeping the cage in a same place for long time and keeping the interior unchanged inspire them to lay eggs very often. So change the position and place of the cage with a regular interval. Also you can change the cage and its interior after a particular time.

dicouraging breeding behavior in birds8

9. Don’t remove laid eggs: If your bird has already laid eggs, don’t remove those from the cage. Actually sitting on the laid eggs will help to control the egg- laying cycle. Keep the eggs for at least 21 days until she loses interest on the eggs. If this process doesn’t works then consult with a veterinarian.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds9

10. Consulting with Veterinarian: If you are having some confusions or questions regarding your bird’s health. Veterinarians can help you out with these matters. And lastly you should have a regular health check-up of your pet bird to keep them healthy and fit.

Discouraging breeding Behaviors in Birds10