5 Dogs Home Alone Safety Tips

Pets are always anxious in nature. Especially dogs are very much fond of their owners. They feel very insecure n absence of their master. So f you have a pet dog at your home and you are planning to go for a short trip out of the town. Then it becomes very problematic to keep your dog alone at home. Actually dogs feel very lonely when they are alone at home. This loneliness will force them to various awkward things which are harmful for your dog as well as you. Actually when you are out of your home they need a lot of love and care to be given. Even you will notice that at your absence your pet dog will suffer from depression. They will stop eating freely they will sleep all the time and even they may cry. So, while planning to go out for an outing you should know about some tips that you will keep your dog safe and away from any harm.

Dogs Home Alone Safety Tips:

1. Tie up all the wires and cords: When you are out of home, you should keep in mind that your dog doesn’t get harmed. If you keep your dog free all over your home then remember not to keep any wires and cords lying here and there. So fold them up and keep in a safe place where it is impossible for your dog to reach out. And if you think that your dog is never interested in wires then you are doing great mistake as when they suffers from depression they can do anything which they had never done before.

Dogs Home alone safety tips1

2. Tell your Neighbors: When you are leaving your dog alone at home always informs your neighbor so that they can keep a look at your house and obviously your house. If they are dog lovers then it’s a great advantage for you. If your neighbor is quiet reliable and loyal you can even give them the key of your house so that they can take care of your dog. But in such case your dog should know your neighbors otherwise they will treat like strangers and may behave aggressively. Even you will be getting notifications about your home from your neighbors. So surely this point is of great advantage for you.

Dogs Home alone safety tips2

3. Keep all your trash bins away: Dogs sometimes become very naughty and do irritating things. As they are very anxious in nature they will try to have a look on trash bins and take out all the things from it leading to a mess. So just imagine after returning home what is waiting for you. All the garbage lying here and there all over your house is nothing interesting for you instead it will take a lot of time to clean them again. So to avoid such mess keep all your trash bins away from them so that they can’t reach to it. Also you can keep them empty so that they don’t get any things inside the bins.

Dogs Home alone safety tips3

4. Turn off Lamps: Dogs are intelligent enough but they don’t have any idea about which things can result in what. So try to keep all your electrical products and lights switched off before getting out of your house. If you have overhead lighting system then it’s alright but avoid bulbs because your dog can knock them out which will result in electricity hazard as well as t may catch fire. If you are thinking about darkness then just keep an overhead lamp switched on that will be enough for them. And always avoid oil burners and such type of things for fire hazard.

Dogs Home alone safety tips4

5. Fire Safety Measures: You will get some fire safety stickers available on the market. Find one which will illustrate that your pet is inside your home. Stick on all sides of your house and even on doors and windows from where the fire department will enter your house. It should be stacked in such a place that the firemen can notice it. If a fire breaks out in your house they will try to save your pet by some other measures. You can also inform the fire department about your outing and your pet for safety purposes.

Dogs Home alone safety tips5

So all these above safety measures are going to work effectively and will obviously give your dog a pleasant lonely stay at home. After returning you are going to get your home in the same condition you left and amazingly your happy pet receiving you happily. You can also try to train them for removing loneliness and depression of these animals.