Understand How your Dog Thinks

Dogs are the most common pet around the world. Most of the pet lovers in this world keep at least a dog at their home. Sometimes we think that do dogs understand our commands. The answer is obviously yes but for that it needs a lot of training and disciplines.

Dogs are one of the most intelligent creatures around the world as a result they can almost follow all our commands if you train them properly. If you are willing to train your dog that will do each and everything at your command then this article is the best destination for you.

But before doing that you have to gather a lot of knowledge on the breed you own because nature of a dog varies from breed to breed.

Understand how your Dog Thinks1

Anthropomorphism: It’s a very long term and one of the most important in this case. Actually we humans try to train these creatures according to our manners. Actually every animal have its own instincts. They are not humans so how they will have all the characteristics like humans. It is never possible. But we humans can help them learn all the behaviors like us. Actually this process is known as Anthropomorphism. The definition of Anthropomorphism according to Wikipedia is “Anthropomorphism is an attribution of uniquely human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings, natural or supernatural phenomenon, material states and objects or abstract concepts. Subjects for anthropomorphism mainly include plants and animals depicted as creatures with human motivation able to reason and converse, forces of nature such as winds or the sun, components in games, unseen or unknown sources of chance etc. Almost anything can be subject to anthropomorphism.” SO you have already understood the whole term.

When dogs are born they get some inbuilt characteristics in them. And the rest they learn it from their mother and litters. The first 6-8 weeks are their learning time. And after that when we bring them the problem actually arises. We try to treat them like us. It is very common that we treat them like our babies. Even we take them to our bed for sleeping. But this not a fair job we do towards them. Instead of that to train a dog we should maintain some basic disciples and rules.

Understand how your Dog Thinks2

Some rules we should obviously establish:

1. Don’t let your dog move everywhere in your home freely. This may lead to a very bad result as they will think that they have a full reign over the house.
2. Try to give them regular training taking them away from the family. Take them outside in any playground or a field where you can train them freely. This will make a routine for the dog.
3. Arrange for a sleeping place for them away from your family. You can make a cage or a kennel for them to sleep. Actually sleeping with your family makes them think that they are also a part of your family.
4. Sometimes you will see that dogs are continuously barking at us. At this time we think that this is a sign of boredom. But it is our great mistake. Dogs also bark when they are trying to catch your attention or they are trying to play with you. Actually they do it as a sign of dissatisfaction.
5. Always train them with some manners, as when they enters your room they should have a stay at your door and try to catch your attention or sitting in a disciplined way while getting food. It is nothing but to maintain basic manners around your house.

This all process may seem very rude to you but actually this all are very necessary for your dog. Actually you have to make them understand that what is his role in the family and what is the actual rule of the home. Remember pets are for our pleasure we are not for them. When they will get the point about all these things automatically they will adapt themselves according to the rule. You are doing nothing harsh to them it is a training system.

Understand how your Dog Thinks3

What Next?

After you fully settle all these rules to your dog and they are fully behaving according to these rules. Think that you are almost done with the process and first of all you are successful. Now go on behaving with your dog as you are their owner not they are your owner. Start giving some commands while staying at home and while giving them training outside. But never be very rude to them during the entire process. This may lead to aggressiveness as they will think that you are going to harm them. Giving them a treat after some training as it will make the process attractive to them. Hope the article will work with your dog if done in a correct process.