10 Famous Animal Statues Worldwide

When it comes to famous statues, have you ever considered that apart from statues of people, even statues of animals can really be famous? In fact, animals in all their glorious and natural beauty can be the subject of many artistic projects and one of the mediums that really work in this case is sculpture. When you come across such artworks that consist of statues of animals from around the world, you realize that these artists are not only adept at their work but also love their subjects. They are able to see the immense beauty in the animal and this shows in their work of art.

Famous Animal Statues Worldwide

The Bull at the Stock Market: This is one of the most recognized statues around the world. Though on the face of it, this statue denotes the bullish movements of the stock market, but when you look at the immense detailing that has gone into the making of the statue. You can literally see the movement and rippling of the muscles on the bull. While staring at it you almost expect the bull to rise and start attacking you.

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The Sphinx: This is another classic example of a famous animal statue that fascinates us even today. The body of a lion with the head of a human is another example of a famous animal statue that is the stuff of legends and myths. Even today, this famous animal statue draws many thoughts and theories. One cannot help thinking what the maker of the statue was thinking when he or they made this statue.

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Horse Statues: Horses are such beautiful creatures as the combine the beauty of motion with the immense practicality of their many uses. Horses have been part of legends in the form of being those magical creatures that have made the difference between loss and victory. Not only that they have played equally important but humble role in transporting people from one place to another. Statues of horses are famous not only for their visual appeal but also for the legends and myths that form the background for these statues.

Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY

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Replica of da Vinci’s horse statue

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Arlingtin International, Chicago, IL

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Josef Václav Myslbek, Statue of Saint Wenceslas


Eagle Statues: These birds are so noble and powerful to look at that one cannot help but look at them when they are around. The thing is not only are these birds great to look at when in flight are when alight, they have an aura around them which is one of the reasons that many cultures have endowed these birds with magical powers. The statues of these birds will always be something that will fascinate us when they are well done.

Budapest eagle statue

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United states embassy eagle

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NY 33rd street eagle statue

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Golden bald eagle statue at old state house

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Two-headed Eagle Statue, Helsinki

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Wild Animals: There are many animals in the wild that are as beautiful as they are ferocious and that is the reason that they have become the subjects for many beautiful sculptures. They look as good when they are at rest as when they are in motion. That is why the felines are such wonderful subjects for wild animal statues.

Germany’s historic gateway

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Famous gargoyle of clinton

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When it comes to famous statues of animals and birds you will find so many around the world. These are created by artists who have a love of their art and their fascination with their subject. They almost make the animal that they have made a statue of come alive even though what they have created is just an inanimate object without any life in it. The animal world is full of such beauty that an artist, who makes these sort of statues, will find that there is no dearth of subjects to work with. That is why all the media like stone, metal and ice among other things have been made to use these animal statues.