Symptoms How you know your Dog in Heat

If you own an unsprayed female dog as pet, this article is really very important for you.

It’s very important for a dog owner to know about the symptoms of dog in heat to manage her reproductive cycle. There are many symptoms caused at this time and you will have to get all that in details.

Yes, you will get all the information in this article and that will let you control the whole thing at home on your own. Moreover, it will also be helpful for you to prevent getting new puppies on your hands without any planning.

Symptoms how you know your Dog in Heat:

Actually dog heat is a cycle that averages for about 21 days and it brings a lot of signs and symptoms. There is also three stages of the cycle and you will have to know in which cycle your dog is in. So just read the full article carefully and get yourself literate about the matter. The heat cycle actually occurs twice a year and 21 days is just an outline, as every dog have their own cycle duration. It can be 7 days or even 4 weeks long. So obviously, you have to understand your dog’s cycle duration through the symptoms.

Proestrus (Week One):

The term Proestrus is used to describe the initial stage of the heat cycle. Normally, this stage lasts for seven to ten days. The first sign at this time is the swelling of the vulva. Yes, swelling is not completely predictable all the time as the vulva can swell just one week to a day before the bleeding starts. But during this time, you will notice various other signs and symptoms that will help you get the matter.

Personality Changes: This change can range from quite mild to severe. Sometimes, a bitch may be more affectionate towards the owner. Even it is also possible that the bitch will show completely opposite character of what they actually are. Therefore, this will help you to get the point of their stage.

Appetite Changes: Normally you know very well what your dog eats and the amount they intake regularly. Whenever you see something different about this matter, you will have to notice either they going through this stage of Estrus. So taking a note of this change is a great clue that the cycle has begun.

Swelling of the vulva: Actually, the amount of vulva swelling actually differs with every dog and it varies a lot. Some dogs will swell a bit while some will swell a lot. When the swelling progresses, it is not only noticeable from the vulva itself but also can is seen trailing up to the pelvic opening just below the anus.

Blood Discharge: The amount of blood discharge from the vulva also varies with each dog but during the first few days the bleeding is very light and it becomes heavier during the mid weeks.

Tail Tucking: This is a very common symptom you will find among the dogs which is a tendency to guard the vulva. They will try to guard by tucking the tail between their legs and sitting down immediately whenever any other dog approaches the area.

Symptoms how you know your Dog in Heat 1

Estrus (Week Two):

This is the time when the ovaries start to release eggs for fertilization. So this is the most fertile stage in the heat cycle. The symptom during this period includes:

Lightened Discharge: The discharge, which was bright red, will now turn into pinkish tan stain. So you can easily get that your bitch is in the Estrus period.

Softening of the Vulva: The initial swelling that is caused at this time will soften the vulva for penetration. So this is noticeable.

Tail Flagging and Flirting: In the previous stage, you have seen the tendency of tail tucking but now you will find that the bitch will try to invite the males turning the rear towards him. This is also a complete change that can be spotted.

Symptoms how you know your Dog in Heat 2

Diestrus (Week Three):

This is the last stage of the cycle and the fertile portion of the heat cycle comes to an end during this time. So know about the symptoms.

Disappearance of Vulva Swelling: Most of the swelling will go down during this stage of the cycle. So gradually, the complete selling will disappear.

Cessation of Flirting: Now you will notice that the bitch will now lose the interest in mating and will be no longer interested in flirting.

Gradual Cessation of Discharge: The pinkish tan discharge of estrus once again turn into red and gradually tapers off over the final week.

Symptoms how you know your Dog in Heat 3

Anestrus (Resting Stage):

Anestrus is the period of inactivity of the heat cycle. It again cycles back to the next proestrus. This is a period of five to eleven months.

Symptoms how you know your Dog in Heat 4

So pay attention to all the symptoms and sign so that you can easily get the stage in which your bitch is in. Understanding the whole cycle is very essential for every owner. So keep any eye on your dog.