10 Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Actually, it’s very confusing when you start looking for medium sized dog breed as most of the dogs which we see every day are medium sized. When there are lots of options, there will be more confusions. So, it is always better to go with the most popular breeds. But before that, it’s much better to know about them. No, you don’t have to go anywhere to know about them. We are here with some famous medium sized dog breeds which can be your choice.

While selecting a dog breed, you will have to keep in mind about different factors which are very important for a dog. Some dogs are suitable for small areas while some are good for large areas. Some are very playful while some are self-centered. So, before bringing them, you should clear about their necessities and that will help you to get a suitable breed.

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds:

1. Border Collie:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

If you have even searched for smartest dog breeds, the Border Collie is a name you’ve heard of. If you haven’t then got an idea here. Most of their reputation comprises of their intelligence level and smartness. In one word they are a genius but needs a proper training to cultivate out the natural intelligence. They will wait for work all the time. But you should get them regular exercise.

2. Bulldog:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

This dog is very popular and known for its gentle and protective nature. If you are looking for a good family pet, the bulldog is a very good choice for you and they are good for a family with children. Bulldogs also need less grooming which is a great feature and all needless exercise to stay fit.

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

If you are in search of a good canine family friend, Pembroke welsh corgi is a very friendly breed. They are also well known for their boldness. Though they will need a regular exercise, remember, they have a great feature of adaptation. They can adapt to almost all situations and live happily.

4. English Springer Spaniel:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

We need someone to cheer up in our house and here’s a dog breed that can do that for you. English springer spaniel is a very cheerful and affectionate dog breed. They can do anything to please their owner and will always prove their great endurance power. But remember that this dog breed needs regular grooming and exercise. Brush them regularly for better results.

5. Whippet:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Some people look for athlete dogs those who can perform well in dog sports. Yes, dog sports is very interesting and you will have to prepare your dog for that. You will be lucky if you get this breed for this case. Whippets are great runners and they can run up to 35 miles per hour. Normally they are quiet and are very easy to train because whippet is highly intelligent. Lastly, they love humans.

6. Brittany:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Brittany is a very strong dog breed who is very agile and quick in anything. They will need excessive and regular exercise to keep themselves fit. Most of the time you will see them happy with what they get and are good alert dogs. One thing about Brittany is that they love to do things on their will. Check out other strong dog breeds.

7. Cocker Spaniel:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

This is a sporting dog breed and they are active dogs that should be kept in regular exercise. Cocker Spaniel is also a very gentle dog that does very well with almost every family. Don’t worry about your guests. They are social with humans too.

8. Shetland Sheepdog:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

This cute dog is sometimes called as ‘Sheltie’ with a love and if you bring them home, you will be getting someone loyal who will always think for you. Normally they are considered as herding dogs and are highly trainable. They will tend to do anything to prove their agility.

9. Standard Dachshund:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Dachshunds come from the hound group and are very well known for their smelling power. Do you know dachshunds comes in two different sizes? One standard and one is miniature. They were once used to hunt rabbits, foxes, and other tunnel animals because of their size. They are extremely versatile and good family companions.

10. Beagle:

Famous Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Another dog popular for their smelling sense. They are used by various agencies for this power. You can say they are a compact package within a short size. They are even very good companions of kids. But remember that they can be stubborn and so you will have to train them well.

Maybe they fall in the second category according to their size, but they are power packed in one word. They will do anything to prove themselves the best and to please their owner. No, as you are looking for famous medium sized dog breeds, it will be now easier for you to choose a perfect breed for yourself and your family.