10 Best and Smart Dog Breeds

Are you really interested in dogs? Want to have a dog as your smart pet? This article will be very useful to you about this matter. Actually before selecting a suitable dog breed, you should consider some factors about them. Actually some breeds are very big in size while some are very small, some have a long life span but some have short life. Again if you are going to consider about their nature them some will be very aggressive while some are very shy. So you have to think out which will be suitable for you and your family. In an average the dogs with mild temperament are widely accepted as pet dogs all over the world due to their familiar nature. I will discuss about some dog breeds and their detailed information, which will help you to decide the suitable breed for you.

Best and Smart Dog Breeds

1. Australian Cattle dog: This breed is famous for its intelligence and protective nature. They are quiet strong, active and smart. If properly trained they can protect you and all your properties around you. Actually they are very organised and familiar. They will never harm you and your family. they also helps you in your household activities. An Australian cattle dog can live up to 14 years. And are slightly medium sized weighing almost 15-22 kilograms.

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2.Pug: One of the cutest dog breeds in this world. They are very small in size. Their wrinkled and muzzled face make them very special from other dogs. They are rarely seen aggressive and are normally very familiar with children. Although they are very lazy in nature, sometime it may be annoying you. They have a very bad habit to follow their owner all the time. An average expected life span of a pug is 11 years.

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3.Poodle: Poodle is an active, intelligent and elegant dog. They have curly fur all over their body and even ears. They are often seen in various dog shows due to their obedient attitude. They have a very instinctive behaviour and are very playful. Being highly energetic they also gets bored very easily. You can easily use them in any dog sports. Also they can swim very well. Poodle varies in size according to their different variations. Normally they can live for 20 years having a long life span.

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4.Collie: Popularly known as herding dogs, they are very active and always need work to do. They easily gets bored without work. As they are very energetic they are also used in various types of dog sports. Collies are actually medium sized dog with an average weight of 22-32 kilograms. There are many variations of collies available all over the world.

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5.Australian Shepherd: They are also known as Aussies as a pet name. This is also very intelligent dog breed and successful as rescue dogs, disaster dogs and detection dogs. They are very energetic and playful. If trained in a proper way they can be also used for security purposes. Their average weight can be anywhere between 14-29 kilograms and average life span of about 9-13 years.

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6. Beagle: Beagles are said to belong from hound group. But their shorter legs and long ears makes a difference. Their weight is about 8-16 kilograms. The female beagles are slightly shorter than the males. Beagles are mainly famous for their sense of smell. And they will always enjoy your company being very gentle. It is often seen that it is quite tough to train them because of their single minded nature.

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7.Shiba Inu: Like the beagles, shiba inu is also a very active and they will enjoy everytime you will play with them. But families having small children should avoid this breed. Shiba inu is mainly very common in Japan. They are very trained dogs and always keep them very neat and clean. It is said that they are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world existing today. They weighs up to 10 kilograms.

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8.Labrador Retriever: They are one of the common dog breeds all over the world. Labs are normally very kind and pleasant. They can be easily trained very well due to their high intellegency. They are seen to work in military services and police. In spite of being a very picky eater they may rapidly gain a large weight. Their life expectancy is 12 years and normally weighs about 45 kilograms.

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9.Golden Retriever: A very affectionate and popular breed. They are very loyal to the family of owner. In spite of being very gentle and friendly they are harmless to the children. Golden retrievers are also said to be obedient working dogs and are very good in dog sports. But you will always have to provide a company to them. Their average life span is about 10-12 years.

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10.German Shepherd: They are large sized working dogs originated from Germany. German shepherds are widely used in military services and rescue operations worldwide. Because of their curiosity they can be excellent guard dogs. If they are trained they can be very social to everybody. They generally weighs about 20-40 kilograms.

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