10 Fish that can do Craziest Things

Being a deep sea creature someway fishes are not given so importance. As it is very hard for us to reach the deep sea and see the lifestyle of these sea creatures, they get less importance from the humans. Actually the lifestyles of fishes are also very crazy. Actually in case of wild animals we see them in various Zoo, TV shows and forests but there are very few provisions to see these sea creatures. If you give a slight importance to these fishes you will notice some amazing and craziest things they do always. Here is a list of such fishes that always do some craziest things.

Some Fishes and their Craziest Things:

Elephant Fish: As other sea creatures fishes also have some mode of communication. We know that dolphins are very rich in their own communication style. But most of them have some vocal expressions to make some communication. But in case of elephant the mode is quite different. They communicate with each other through transmitting electricity. Not only that they use electro reception to sense the environment. Even they identify the sex and social status of other elephant fish with the help of electricity.

fish that can do craziest things1

Blind Cave Fish: It is a type of fish found mainly in Mexico. They are called blind because they don’t have eyes. But what makes them feel everything? Yes they have an amazing style of sensing. This is called ‘Hydrodynamic Imaging’. They can feel and sense everything around them by the vibration and flow of water.

fish that can do craziest things2

Mummichog: It is a famous fish all over the world. Although very small in size but they have some amazing characteristics. First of all mummichog can eat almost 2000 mosquito larvae a day which saves us from mosquitoes and secondly this fish has an awesome characteristics to live almost in any type of water. May be the water is poisonous or acidic, fresh or saline in nature, or the water is too dirty it doesn’t matter’s for a mummichog. They almost live anywhere in the earth. It is also proved that mummichog can even live easily at zero gravity.

fish that can do craziest things3

The Tonguefish: Tongue fish loves to live in Sulfur. Sounding quiet amazing? Yes some years ago an expedition was made to explore underwater volcanoes in Japan and Guam. There this type of fishes are found in large numbers were the temperature level is almost 180oc. Actually they love to stay on the sulfuric acid and toxic heavy metals splurging out of the volcanoes.

fish that can do craziest things4

Black Dragon fish: Black dragon fish is mainly found n very deep sea level. They have some amazing natural characteristics. They have some light organs in their body for giving signals to the others and finding prey. They also have some light emitters on their belly surface and gelatinous surface between the fin rays which flashes. But in scientific research it is seen that in that depth of water red light becomes invisible only green and blue is invisible so it helps them to find their prey as no other sea creature can see the light at that depth. Actually the black dragon fish also can’t see the light but they have an amazing vision system that converts the red light into some other spectrum which they can perceive.

fish that can do craziest things5

Damselfish: Scientifically known as Stegastes nigricans has a very weak digestive system. It is an only species of Damselfish that have such weak digestive system. Actually it is seen that they don’t have the organ to grind fibrous plants and digest different types of algae. The only alga they can digest is Polysiphonia. But again the problem is Polysiphonia doesn’t survive very long. But amazingly they farms Polysiphona over a plot of land under the sea. See how these farmer fish is too successful as they live by eating their own farm product.

fish that can do craziest things6

Pupfish: It is a heat resistant fish. Yes they are mainly found in the Death Valley. And do you have any idea about the temperature of Death Valley? It’s almost 45oc all year around. Just imagine this only fish that can live in such heat.

fish that can do craziest things7

Killifish: Probably Killifish is the only fish in the world that can live in trees. They are mainly found in the mangrove areas. Yes when the ponds and lakes dries up they start living in a rotten tree and branches for months. This process is known as ‘log packing’. They just need a moisture to live deep water surface is not so essential for them.

fish that can do craziest things8

Convict Fish: Interestingly convict is a rare specimen of children feeding their adult ones. Yes an adult convict fish never leave their den. So what do they eat? Yes the younger convict fish bring food for their adult ones and feed them. This is probably the only fish in the world to do such activity.

fish that can do craziest things9

Wrasse: Wrasse is a great entrepreneur. They make a business under the sea of cleaning other sea creatures. In fact they have their own cleaning stations. All other big sea creatures are the customers of Wrasse. Actually the other pests and lice which grow in the body of big fishes works as a food for them.

fish that can do craziest things10