Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets

Closeup of a cat getting checked by doctor

Nowadays, many people don’t believe that cancer is not only prone to humans, but also they are very prone to animals also. In fact statistics say that it is the number one disease related killer among dogs and pets. But it is very important to look after your pet and notice about the cancer symptoms.

It is very hard to know about the cancer symptoms in animals but don’t be so sad. Read this article to know about various basic symptoms of cancer so that you can follow your pet and take them to the doctor in time.

Symptoms of Cancer in Pets:

1. Evidence of Pain in Dogs: Limping or any other evidences of pain in your pets while walking, running or jumping is mostly the symptoms of arthritis. But actually it can also be a symptom of cancer, specially the bone cancer in animals.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 1

2. Lethargy or Depression: If your pet suddenly changes their nature then it is not a good sign. Sleeping most of the time, less playful, suffering from depression and various other changes are the signs of developing cancer. But not all the time lethargy and depression is caused by cancer, it may be assign of any other disease. So you should consult with a vet doctor immediately if you notice something like that.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 2

3. Change in Appetite: Dog and cats never stop eating without any specific reason. So while your pet will be suffering from lack of appetite, it’s sure they are suffering from something. Immediately consult this with your pet’s doctor. Oral tumors can also be a cause of lack of appetite.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 3

4. Non-Healing wounds: If your pet has wounds or sores that are not healing for a long time, it could be a symptom of skin infection, skin disease or even cancer.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 4

5. Abnormal Odors: If you smell abnormal smell from your dog or cat’s mouth, ears or any other parts of the body, immediately check it out. At times oral cancer, anal cancer and nose cancer can cause such foul smells.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 5

6. Changes in Bathroom Habits: In some cases you may notice that your pet is showing some changes in urinary and bowel habits. Such as they may feel difficulty in releasing themselves or they are using bathroom frequently and may even traces of blood may be seen in urine and bowel. These are all very potential signs of cancer in pets.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 6

7. Coughing or Difficulty Breathing: If your pet is coughing and showing abnormal breathing expressions, it should not be neglected at all. Most of the time it is mainly caused by various heart or lung diseases but it is also a symptom of cancer. Cancer can spread throughout their lungs and cause effect which may lead to breathing problems.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 7

8. Weight Loss: Cancer is one of the diseases which cause weight loss in animals. But that will be sudden weight loss. If you see such type of abnormal weight within a very short time, and your pet is not in a diet, then it is obviously a fact of tension. Along with all other symptoms in the list try to share this with your veterinarian doctor.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 8

9. Abnormal Discharges: Blood, vomiting, diarrhea, pus or any other abnormal substances coming out from any parts of the body of your pet is not normal. It should immediately checked by a doctor. Don’t be late in these cases. In addition if your pet’s abdomen get’s bloated it could be chance that the abnormal discharges are getting accumulated in the abdomen. So check it thoroughly.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 9

10. Lumps and Bumps: Don’t worry, as all the lumps and bumps are not cancerous in a pet’s body but actually you can’t be sure without consulting it with an experienced doctor. If the lump is not resolving itself or growing large in size then there is a possibility of being cancerous. It is commonly tested with a needle biopsy which can be only done by a veterinary pathologist. They can detect and tell you that the nature is cancerous or not.

Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer in Pets 10

So be careful about all the symptoms of your pet all the time. They may show these symptoms when they are suffering from cancer. As these innocent animals can’t speak, it is our responsibility to understand their problems and pain. Being an owner of a pet we also have some liabilities towards them. It is always recommended that whenever you see anything abnormal immediately see your pet to a veterinary doctor and tell them everything about the abnormality they are showing. But from first if you keep your pet in a healthy schedule, obviously you can keep them free from various chronic diseases. Keep in mind that most of the time, the diseases in animals remain unnoticed and when it gets serious we take them to the doctor. So regular noticing is very necessary.