10 General Pet Rabbit Care Tips For Your Rabbit

Rabbits are very popular and one of the most preferred pets around the world. Due to their cute nature and small size they have proved themselves as one of the best pet animal. But for the beginners it may be quite tough to handle a rabbit because of their amazing nature.

Dogs and cats may be handled easily but handling a rabbit is a tough job. Rabbits have some specific needs to live longer and healthier life, so if you are going to pet a rabbit at home you should know these caring ideas so that your pet also can live healthy and longer. Read the full article to get amazing care ideas for a pet rabbit.

General Pet Rabbit Care Tips For Your Rabbit

Setup Safe Indoor Housing:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit1

You will be getting several ways to house your rabbit, but all these are cages, condo etc. Rabbits need a large area to hop around and if they don’t get that they will start feeling sick inside the cage. Regularly they should be let out of their rabbit hutch or pen or cage for a few hours for body exercise. Make sure that your rabbit is staying very far from you; they shouldn’t be isolated at any cost.

Make your House Rabbit Proof:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit2

Rabbits love chewing and as a result when they will not get anything to chew they will start chewing your belongings. So your first duty is to protect your belongings from them. Cover all the electric wires with hard fibred coverings and make them out of reach. Especially you have to cover up all the things that are in reach if your bunny.

Feed them with Fresh Hay:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit3

Rabbits love to have hay as their diet. So try to provide your rabbit with fresh hay every time. If your rabbit is a small one then provide alfalfa and if it is an adult one then you can feed with oat hay or grass hay. You can get a hay feeder from the market and load it with large amount of hay.

Provide Fresh greens, Fiber Rich Pellets and Water:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit4

Hay is their main diet but sometimes you can also provide green leafs and fresh vegetable as their supplements. Adult Rabbits can also be provided with Fiber Rich pellets and fresh water daily.

Set up a litter box:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit5

Rabbits have a habit to release themselves in a particular area. As a result, you should make them a habit of releasing in a litter box specifically arranged for them. Put some hay on top of their litter as they will love to eat and release at the same time. Remember to keep this litter box near their feeding place.

Provide Enrichment:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit6

Rabbits are very playful and active in nature so they get bored easily. They also need some mental stimulation to keep them fit. Give them a cardboard box to chew and spend time. They will really enjoy that.

Groom your Rabbit in a regular interval:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit7

Rabbits are very clean and tidy animal. You will notice that they have a tendency to keep them clean all the time. But still you will need to groom your rabbit in a regular interval. You should brush them to prick out all the excess hair on their body as they shed two- three times in a year.

Take them to a Rabbit Savvy Vet:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit8

Rabbits are very prone to various types of diseases so you will have to keep them in notice all the time. If you just notice any behavioral changes in them just immediately take them to a rabbit savvy vet. Keep them in a regular vet check-up and supervision.

Understand their language and behavior:

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit9

It is very much essential to learn the behaviors and language of rabbits to be a perfect owner. They have a unique language and behavior so it will take some time to get used to that. So to build a great bond you will have to understand their language and indications.